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steelhorse 16 Jan 2010 02:37

2010 Michigan KLR-650 Ride
Evening all,
Want to tell you about a KLR-650 specific ride we are putting together. It begins Sunday June 6, 2010 and will end Saturday June 12, 2010. We'll be assembling in Manistee, Mich on Saturday for a riders meeting and taking off early Sunday morning.
The route will encompass some of the most beautiful country you can imagine in both of Michigans lower and upper peninsulas. This will be a true "dual sport" ride featuring ORV trails, dirt back roads, and some very cool pavement.
If interested follow our thread on KLR 650.net. Go to the USA section, click on Great Lakes, and look for the "2010 Michigan Adventure Ride" thread. Get in touch with us there.
This is an independant ride, not a tour company, so your only costs are your own for fuel, food etc.

Hope to see you there!

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