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GreatBritishRob 18 Jan 2007 11:04

1981 Kawasaki KL250, bits needed.
Ok, not a long haul bike (got my triumph tiger for that) but i am using this KL250 in classic twin shock enduro's:thumbup1: Yep, mad as a box of frogs:biggrin:
I could seriously do with finding a good place for spares and upgrades.
One thing i could really do with is some bigger and better rear shocks. As standard the rear shocks are 400mm but i'd like to have some slightly longer ones (maybe 420mm or so. The old KLX had 460mm shocks but i think they may be a bit over the top).
I could also do with a decent tail pipe for it and a new inlet rubber from the carb to inlet (apparently discontinued by kawasaki). Wouldnt mind some nice trick bits to add on aswell to make it a bit more suitable for enduro's (yes, i know i wont be competative, its just for fun.).
Anyone got any ideas on where i can get bits etc?
Cheers all:thumbup1:

Brian Williams 18 Jan 2007 20:19

Try www.njbshocks.co.uk or www.classicoff-road.com for shocks.

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