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gypsyprincess 26 Aug 2010 14:20

We Liked The Iceland Camping Card, Maybe An Idea For Others?
For those interested in staying at camping places in addition to wild camping Patrick and I found that the Iceland camping card paid for itself. It was 100 Euro but lets up to 2 people stay up to 4 nights consecutively and you can return as often as you wish to a site.

A map with participating camping sites can be found here: Iceland Camping Card Map

Normally we camp wild but we figured if we stayed 5 times in the 6 weeks we are here at a camping site it would pay for itself, and then we got hooked on the hot showers, wireless, and cooking facilities that the camping sites offer. So we tend to stay at the sites now. (So far we have camped wild twice in 3 weeks).

It also paid for itself the first night with wireless access. Bring your own laptop or iphone or something, wifi is everywhere and free, paying to access the internet with another computer however costs about 400 krones per half an hour, or a little more than 2 Euro.

Jeny 16 Mar 2011 12:49

Nicely described. I liked as many good things you have figured out and may be useful during planning.

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