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d3v1n 1 Feb 2011 21:07

UK - Iceland
Hi there

Im new to all this so go easy :P

I'm planning a trip to iceland at some point from the UK and I was wondering if anyone could offer some advice?
I'm hoping to bring a car and passenger, is it possible to get there via ferry without having to first travel through the france etc to get to denmark?

Also I'll be taking the only vehicle available to me at the moment which is an AWD Subaru legacy estate.
I was hoping to explore the interior in this time but I know I'll be limited by the vehicle as despite having low range which locks the centre diff, ground clearance and fording ability wont be ideal.
So if anyone knows any routes into the interior that I could attempt I'd be very grateful for that info to.

I've never done anything like this before except for a wee jaunt around france in a bedford rascal a few years back so any other advice is appreciated too

Thanks Very Much

Fantastic Mister Fox 1 Feb 2011 23:04

I can't give you route advice, but there appears to be just the one ferry that goes via the faroe islands from denmark.

It will probably better value to fly and hire a vechile

TwoUpFront 2 Feb 2011 00:18

I found this, unfortunately it is in Danish. But if you divide the figures by ten, you'd have the approximate price in pounds, VAT included, and are one-way.

Envejspriser til Island 2011

If you scroll down, brining your motorcycle and just one adult is just around £225 for the high season, £165 for the shoulder seasons, and £110 for out-of-season.

Without a vehicle, you're looking at £75, £55, and £40, respectively.

There's a £12 fee ("Tourist Tax") for leaving the Faroe Islands.

A guide for the different season is:

High season (Blue) : 18.06-26.08
Shoulder seasons (Orange) : 14.05-17.06 / 20.08-29.09
Out of season (Green): 09.01-12.05 / 17.09-22.10

You can check here when and where (there are exceptions to the dates of the above:

Smyril Line - Sejlplan 2011 - Danmark, Færøerne og Island

I can translate some more if you want me to, but this is a start, I hope :)

EDIT: Sheesh, I missed the Subaru part ...

For those prices, click the top link and look at the top left box. Cabin prices are the top right box.

grizzly7 2 Feb 2011 15:03


When we were first looking into going I read a post elsewhere to phone Grimsby or Immingham docks and ask if you could get a passage on a freighter, as some have limited passenger space? You could also get a ferry from the UK to somewhere closer to where the Denmark ferry sails from?

The Denmark ferry has quite limited space left for a bigger than a car sized vehicle, so don't leave it too late to book something? I have no idea how full they end up. We struggled to get much help from the booking enquiry phone number.

There are customs limits on food and booze, 200l of fuel, and no bacon which is deeply disappointing! Garmins map is good I'm told. Offroad is illegal, but many roads are 4x4 only. Their condition is regularly updated on 24hr phonelines or online. Live webcams show a lot of snow at the moment! I'm told weather late Sept isn't too bad, but campsites shut around mid Sept?


rclafton 5 Feb 2011 18:27

i think you can book it on AFerry.com - Book Ferries to France, Ireland, Holland and all European ferry tickets which is in english

river crossings might be your biggest issue with the forrester. We took landrover 101's - see this vid and look at the wheels - this is on 36 inch tyres

YouTube - Landrover 101 Crossing River in Iceland Part 2

Hiring a car you'll probabily find there are conditions re what roads you can use , i think they ban non bridged river crossings

You could cross harwich - esbjerg , then a drive north to pickup the iceland ferries

Fuel capacity can also be an issue, you can do some big distance without seeing a fuel stop

when we went fuel was cheap after you paid the diese tax - i made that back in the 1st fillup but I think tax is now applied at the pump and is fairly normal pricing

Its all got alot more complex than it used to be unfortunatly , when we went we caught the ferry at lerwick and got off in iceland

We didn't have alot of problems with customs, took in lots of beer and food, they didn't search just asked questions and seemed happy it was for personnal use.

d3v1n 9 Feb 2011 01:35

Ah well looks like Im going to have to forget about this :(

Just cant afford the ferry + fuel costs at the moment. I'll have to look for another adventure.
Thanks for the advice anyway

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