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Rolo 7 Mar 2007 14:16

Shipping to Iceland
Has anybody had experiance of shipping their bike to iceland by air or by ship and flying there later after their bike has arrived.

Skorpion660 7 Mar 2007 20:49

Was talking to a guy last week, He's taking the new direct ferry. Think he said it was a 32 hour crossing.

Rebaseonu 7 Mar 2007 22:07

Smyril Line
Smyril Line operates ferry from Norway and Denmark to Iceland (with stopover on Faroe Islands).

Roi 7 Mar 2007 23:36

Hi All,
I would seriously like to get more info on getting to Iceland with motorcycle from the U.K, as it has been of great interest to me for a number of year to get there. All info, prices and suggestions greatly recieved, ferries or air freight.

Rolo 9 Mar 2007 08:47


Originally Posted by Skorpion660 (Post 129073)
Was talking to a guy last week, He's taking the new direct ferry. Think he said it was a 32 hour crossing.

Do you know where this ferry runs from and who operates it??

SIMONP 9 Mar 2007 15:05


Originally Posted by Rolo (Post 129250)
Do you know where this ferry runs from and who operates it??

I booked with Smyril. Direct from Scotland upto Iceland for August. 3 days in Faroes on way back or stop off at shetland islands for a day.
approx £200 for couchette, bike and 1 passenger


Roi 9 Mar 2007 16:22

Hi Simon,
?tion for you, where are you sailing from and are you camping or hoteling it up there in Iceland, would like to know more bout your trip and the ferry time table and if you are restricted to certain times of year if thats ok with you.
Thanks Roi ere in sunny Lancashire.

sunflowers 10 Mar 2007 07:51

Hi Simon,

That sounds like an excellent trip. I have wanted to go to the faroe islands and iceland for a while. Could I give you a phone call sometime and find out more details as I would like to do a similar trip myself.

Thanks in advance,

sebouille 18 Mar 2007 13:04


I'm also planning a trip to Iceland this summer :)
I should be departing from Scrabster, Scottland on august 8th, ride a week in Iceland and come back by Denmark to France.

Guest2 28 Mar 2007 12:41

I have just had my Smyril ferry passage confirmed. It leaves from Scrabster 02.00 on the 27th July goes via Faroes and arrives Iceland 09.00 on the 28th July so a sailing time of 31 hours, the return cost was 225 GBP for bike and rider. On the return from Iceland 12th Aug to Scrabster I have a 3 night stop over in the Faroes. It is possible to avoid the 3 day stopover in Faroe and carry on to Denmark.

forestry 29 Mar 2007 12:13

See you on board
Steve, Hoping to go same time, will see you on board.


forestry 10 Apr 2007 17:18

Steve Attwood
Steve managed to lose your email address, Was wondering the best way to insure bike when in Iceland ? Also do Smyrill line provide all lashing straps for securing bike bearing in mind i only have a side stand. Awaiting conformation from smyril Line re booking 11/7 to 23/7 think you arrive back on the boat we leave on.:oops2:

Falk65 16 Apr 2007 15:53

Heading to Iceland
:welcome: Hi all i live in Iceland and if you want to come to Iceland and biking around Iceland highlands area the best time is late june and to end of september but in good years it can be to end of october.For people from Europe it is possible to drive to Danmark to small fisherytown name Hanstholm and take ferry Norrona wich is in own of Smyril line and this ferry goes to orknys, Faroy islands and to Seydisfjordur in Eastcoast of Iceland.For people from Canada New Foundland and USA it is best to send the bike before with a Cargo Ship two companies are with scedueled sailings to Iceland Samskip and Eimskip and they go from New York Boston Norfolk Halifax St.Johns and some of their ship also go to pacific harbours in USA both of those Companies also has a Euro route from UK Neterland Germany Danmark France.Hope this Information will help and answer some questions.Pls contact if something need to know about Iceland

Best regards

Gudmund Falk

forestry 16 Apr 2007 17:04

Smyril Line
Hope anyone else booking has an easier time than me, 3 booking requests from their website and they still have no trace of them. 3 phone calls to head office in Faroes, then 3 emails to head office, yippee at last a response.
Anyway, booked now, leaving 12 july retun to scrabster 23 July, anyone else on same ferry ?

robertosocin 16 Jul 2007 14:02

I'm coming
Hallo guys, I'm Roberto and I'm new of this forum,

Just today I booked a ticket from scotland to island on 22 august... I am so happy because I want to go there for at least 1 year to work and to ride with my new ktm 640 adv...
... There is someone wants join to me from italy to scotland or in Island to ride good days?
See you soon

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