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Wheelie 3 Sep 2012 10:02

Shipping from Oslo (no ferry)

I am looking for pointers towards a company that can help me in getting my bike shipped round trip Oslo - Reykjavik, as well as any cost estimates.

I've considered the option of renting ( bikingviking.is ) or taking my bike by ferry (Smyril Line) between Hirtshals, Denmark and Torshavn, Iceland... plus a ferry between Larvik, Norway and Hirtshals, Denmark... which actually correspond nicely the same day, both ways (Color Line Superspeed). However, as Smyril Line sails once a week only, and as it leaves Iceland in the morning, and as the total sailing time will take two whole days each way, I effectively loose five days of riding in Iceland - giving me only three days of riding if I was to stay away for one week.

As a family man, I can only stay away for a short time. I therefore hope to be able to fly and ride, maybe for a little more than a week or so. And, preferably with my own bike.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

joiben 8 Sep 2012 11:57

Try Eimskipaf√©lag √ćslands or samskip.is
Those are the main shipping companies in Iceland


Wheelie 23 Sep 2012 16:38


so far I have tried:

Iceland air cargo - three weeks, still no answer

SAS cargo - a reply "what is this about?" then after a more detailed e-mail, three weeks no more answer

DHL - Four weeks, no answer. I have previously been told that they will not deal with consumers. I have tried again today.

Smyril Line Faroe Island - told me to contact Smyril Blue Water Denmark or Smyril Blue Water Faroe Islands - which I did today. Time will show what they give for an answer. I think good service would be if Smyril Line had forwarded my request...

Eimskip told me that their forwarding company would contact me - three weeks still no answer

Samskip told me they do not transport part cargo and told me to contact DHL or UPS. I have now contacted UPS, and hope they will get back to me.

This is rediculous... Every time I plan to go on a trip, it is the same thing - finding someone to take my bike is an enormous task... I don't know how the rest of you do it. Maybe it is difficult as I am in Norway and not some major hub.


Wheelie 24 Sep 2012 18:50

Eimskip got back to me today, and it seems they can help me out. My trip is not until Next summer, but I'll keep this thread updated as things develop. If august 2013 passes and no update, I have probably forgotten, so send me a PM...

UPS told me they don't take pallets, nothing above 70 kgs...

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