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joiben 2 Jun 2011 13:18

Road conditions and weather live update
Hello all
Due to a very cold spring most of the inland roads in Iceland are still closed. These conditions are not usual here. We are still getting temperatures below freezing almost every night in the northern part of the country and the inland part too.
Here is a link to a page with live updates on road conditions and weather.
Search the web | Road conditions and weather | English | Vegagerðin

I hope this helps


Maddin 8 Jun 2011 22:17

Thanks Johann,

hope its getting better the next weeks, since we start our trip to Iceland in mid of June.


El-Dracho 9 Jun 2011 20:47

Hi Johann,

Thanks. I am following the condition of the inland roads everyday as I will set off to Iceland soon. Do you know something about the forecast regarding the opening of the inland roads? Especially the track from the east to Askja (F910) and then northwards (F88) What about Sprengisandur & Kjalvegur? Still covered with high snow? :freezing:

Thanks & greetings from Germany


joiben 16 Jun 2011 13:00

There was a new opening on part of Kjalvegur today.
They opened the road to Kerlingarfjöll. That is about half way to Hveravellir from the south. They also said that no more openings will be announced until sometime next week if possible.

joiben 9 Jul 2011 13:17

Highway 1 the route around Iceland has been closed due to a flood from the glacier on top of the Katla volcano.
The flood took out a 128 meter long bridge this morning and they say that it will take around three weeks to build a temporary bridge
When I am writing this there is still no sign of the volcano erupting

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