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Tubeless 8 May 2009 14:05

Iceland Overland Book 'n' Map
Hey Folks,

I can't get any of the links to work to enable me to get my hands on the much mentioned book.
Any help, or a 2nd hand one much appreciated!

BenMen 8 May 2009 15:16

Hi there,
I get it on a german website:
They're fast and serious. They also have very good maps.

Tubeless 9 May 2009 12:20

Thanks for that. Much appreciated! I'm totally inspired to get there and this will hep temendously.


BenMen 15 May 2009 12:39

when do you go there?

fasteddy 10 May 2010 15:54

Iceland Overland
I'm also looking for the book Iceland Overland, I'm planning a trip for the summer of 2011!! The link above does not seem to have the book in stock any longer. I would certainly take a second hand book if anyone has one that they would part with. I've e-mailed Jakob with a query about the book but as of yet I've received no response.



Ride4Adventure 18 May 2010 03:23

Iceland Overland
I tried to track down the same book when I did my bike trip over to Iceland last year but was not able to find any copies. Links to the author's web site appear to be out of date.

Just get a copy of Lonely Planet's guide to Iceland and a good road map.

I found a good map on Amazon "Globetrotter - Travel Map - Iceland"
Map shows a lot of of the jeep trails through the interior of the island.

There are a number of good ride reports on Adventure Rider forum
to give you an idea of what to expect over there.

Its great place to visit.




fasteddy 19 May 2010 04:13

Jakob returned my e-mail and was able to sell me a copy of his book, currently he is selling them from home. He has sent the book and took payment via PayPal. Contact him here (jakob"AT"geokobbi.com) I'm sure he would be glad to take your orders.


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