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Ride4Adventure 5 Jun 2009 03:10

Headed to Iceland last week of July
I am going over to Iceland end of June. I have rented a motorcycle for 2 weeks while I am there, and will be doing a ride around the Ring-Road as well as doing a few excursions into the interior.

I will be doing a mix of camping and hoteling along the way. My question is
how cold should I expect it get. I am going during month of July, but I have read other ride reports and it seems that other have complained that it can still get pretty chilly even in July.



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chris 5 Jun 2009 10:44

It will be cold. I was there for 2 weeks in the summer of 07 and ended up wearing all my clothes when riding (good because I had more pannier space for souveniers, but bad, because I had no chance to change stuff...) One night it snowed (in July!).

Enjoy. And take lots of money. It ain't good value. Then again, their economy is bankrupt, so things might be cheaper now.

A report on my trip: Iceland TBSdotCom


Ride4Adventure 6 Jun 2009 02:50

Iceland trip

Sounds like I better bring all my cold weather gear along with me.

I am use to riding in the cold up here in Canada, if you dress right, riding a motorcycle isn't too bad an experience.

Prices of accommodations in Iceland are a little more affordable today then they were a few years ago

Looked at your photos, can't wait to get there



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Ride4Adventure 6 Aug 2009 04:43

Motorcycle trip to Iceland
I have posted a ride report of my trip to Iceland in the rider tales section

Journey to Iceland - Land of Ice and Fire.

icetrekker 2 Nov 2009 19:32

Useful Icelandic Links
Hi, I came across this forum during an arbitrary search for ferry links to Iceland.

However, whilst here I thought I'd share a couple of useful links

1) The Icelandic Met Office [for all things weather...and earthquakes]

Veðurstofa Íslands - veður, veðurspár, veðurathuganir, jarðskjálfta, eldgos, snjóflóð, hafís, geislun og mengun

2) Vergagerdin

for all things roads [including the opening dates for the interior roads...don't go to Iceland unless you can use the interior roads, no really!!]

Road conditions and weather < English <

Both pages are in English...Enjoy


Pierre Brihat 17 Nov 2009 00:02

Iceland weather in July
Hi all

I have been going to Iceland almost every summer since 1989 (working for za trekking company) and last summer it was (at last) with my bike and all i can tell you about the weather is that:

"Everything is possible !!!"

Snowstorm can happen in July (it's very rare but still) and august (we had one last time). But otherwise the weather is much warmer that what most people expect. In july, it seldom goes below 15° C. What you should really prepare for is wind and rain for they both can be quite nasty


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