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PistolaPete 11 Feb 2008 02:19

Found bike rental in Iceland
Hey guys just wanted to share that after countless hrs of search I found site (ridingisland.is) that rents 650 Vstrom,KLRs,ATV and something called Can Am Xt 400 ( you may laugh but I have no clue what is it). After writting them e-mail they responded in 10 min ready to answer any ?. An ADV rider from Rejkjavik sent me mail that it must be a new business since today is the first day that he noticed them advertising in the local paper.
Thanks for reading my ramblings.
Im going there in sept if anyone interested in joining.:thumbup1:

peter-denmark 12 Feb 2008 23:56

170USD a day. Ouch!

L8KTM 16 Feb 2008 20:32

Just found this

Biking Viking up and runnig - ADVrider

yuma simon 5 May 2008 17:58


Originally Posted by PistolaPete (Post 173817)
I have no clue what is it:

ATV-- Can-Am

einar 11 May 2008 12:21

Bike rental and tours in Iceland
If you are looking for bike rental and/or bike tours look at bluemountain.is

antipodes 9 Aug 2008 12:50

Iceland Tours and Rentals
I'm just back from a week's tour in Iceland. :mchappy:

I rode with a company called Blue Mountain on their Pure Adventure tour run by a fantastic couple, Sverrir and Herdis. They looked after me and the three other guests extremely well - compared to other bike tours I've been on I can't praise them highly enough. :thumbup1:

Brand new BMW F650gs with new tyres were great to ride and well suited for the mixture of tarmac, gravel and dirt roads, river crossings etc. For me it was a real adventure and I loved it.

Scenery and sights were fantastic, with a good mix of challenging roads and conditions. Sverrir's father and brother met us on one of their round-the-world bike's for a great evening on a glacier lake front with great food and a few beers. A great experience in the middle of the highlands.

I'm not connected to Blue Mountain in any way other than being a very impressed and satisfied customer. I recommend Iceland as a great place to tour and Sverrir and Blue Mountain as a great tour company to use.

A Kiwi living in London

dakarinn 13 Nov 2008 14:39

Bike rent in Iceland
There is another bike rental in Iceland, KTM-Tours Iceland.

They offer tours in the highland and also near Reykjavík.
as seen in there website: KTM Adventure Tours Iceland

I can recommed them because few of my friend have try them and where very happy.

Colorado Ron 12 Jan 2009 22:48

I used Riding Iceland while on my trip there! You can read the report HERE!

They were OUTSTANDING! You can tell from my video that we went everywhere! He was super nice! Best service Ive found! We even lost a license plate in a windy storm, and he had no issues!


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