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orrin 11 Jul 2008 11:56

Accommodation near Scrabster..Thuron?
Anyone know of a good place (cheap) to stay (pref camping) near to where the ferry departs?
It leaves pretty early and dont want to stay too far away!
Nice one!

orrin 11 Jul 2008 14:33

Just found....

if that helps anyone else looking for cheap accommodation!
But the question still applies.

orrin 18 Aug 2008 16:53

Campsitte in Thurso
Yip, found a campsite in Thurso, 2km from where the ferry leaves.
No need to stress

kevinhancock750 26 Aug 2008 18:46

roughed it
i got to scrabster late in the evening around 10pm and then as it was a nice evening i rolled out my matress and sleeping bag and slept on the pavement outside the port building! there was also people sleeping inside (cyclist's and hikers). another idea for you and it saves putting your tent away at silly hours of the morning. there are toilets and a snack bar in the morning.
ps- also a pub on the port!

orrin 26 Aug 2008 22:55

Did I see you?
Looked out for a BMW800 and a African twin but no luck. I was on the 7 August ferry? did you go to Denmark?

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