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Jake 23 Dec 2009 10:06

Winter Mini Meet UP North
As always the Cold winds, Snow, Rain and Mists of this island are biting hard, So it must be time to set up another Northern Mini meet to warm your Hearts. I am not going to set up any runs out or off road stuff - but if anyone wants to add that into the agenda - as always that is fine. However if you want to stay in the Pub by the fires , have a walk on the moors adjacent or just lie in your tent recovering from the night before that is also fine. I can promise decent ale and food, a great pub, and lots of great if not slightly inebriated chat about everything from overland travel bike stuff to celestial happenings due to the collapse of a giant molecular cloud some 4.6 billion years ago along with the retinue of objects that orbit the sun and everything else between the two subjects. (dependent on the amount of Ale drunk of course). I will be setting a date in early February and Providing the said pub can accomodate us will anounce the intended destination closer to the time. It will be in North Yorkshire or Northumberland area. Anyone Interested.

Jake 23 Dec 2009 11:41

Hmmm.... first pub that I had in mind was the Crown hotel in Middlemoor Nidderdale - a pub with lots of motorcycle connections, photos of bike racers all over the walls and the owner a past racer himself - but also a walkers pub. All was going very well with the owner regarding holding a Horizons mini meeting until I mentioned (that Beelzebub - Lord of the Flies, Andras -Grand Marquis of Hell, Urabach - of the lower order of Demons, Ronwe - Holder of Lingual knowledge, Behemoth - Demon of Indulgence, Astaros - obtainer of friendships and That of great Lords and Asmodeus - The Destroyer (the heirachy of Satan Demons) were also attending and wanted all the village women and Virgins placed before them for there use - I think maybe it was Asmodeus coming along that blew the deal)..... or did I say 'there may be some lads who will turn up and possibly be doing some Legal green lanes in the Dales' ........ suddenly there was a stone like silence - after the long pause and inhaling the horror before him - he changed his attitude and said Oh !! no , NO - Your not welcome ....... Silence as I interjected But ! ... and the phone was hung up !.
So That is that one knocked on the head. (Baz you must have upset this guy at some time eh!).
I will be looking at another pub I have in mind and update soon. cheers.

debseed 23 Dec 2009 20:38


but not on 7/8 Feb:no:, i'm doing the Dragon Rally.


Sleepdog 23 Dec 2009 21:10

I'm up for this one, but am also going to the Dragon, see you there Debs (I owe you a short!):mchappy:

ElChico 24 Dec 2009 14:51

I need to get out more!!
Great idea Jake
Am going "menkkal" - stir crazy (as us folks from Manchester would say...)
Am OK for the 6th/7th Feb, can't do 13th/14th as am on a course in Surrey.

Not sure which pub to suggest but what about the Dales - Horton in Ribblesdale? Was it the Lion or somat?

Cheers and merry festivities etc etc... be glad when the crap is over.... grumble mumble.... at least the winter Soltice has now passed - that's about 17 seconds more light per day from now on...

britch 24 Dec 2009 17:01


Originally Posted by debseed (Post 269009)
but not on 7/8 Feb:no:, i'm doing the Dragon Rally.


Originally Posted by Sleepdog
I'm up for this one, but am also going to the Dragon, see you there Debs (I owe you a short!):mchappy:

Me too, looking forward to seeing you there :thumbup1:

chris 24 Dec 2009 18:27

Count me in. Cannot do 23/24 Jan, but otherwise am free. Maybe Allenheads again (eccentric pub landlord (incl blue x marks the spot on head, otherwise great) or Cropton (excellent all round)? Let's call it the "Jens-Memorial Event".
cheers Chris

Jake 26 Dec 2009 08:57

Got to say Cropton was a great venue save for the camping plots / doggy drops - but we can manage that - I also had a pub up here in the borders in mind but as Cropton rates high on the votes had excellent beer and food along with really nice staff - I can easily go with it. I am going to set a date provisionally so we all know where we stand. Lets say the 19th 20th Feb I will call the pub at Cropton today see if he can fit us in. Starting to sound like a plan.

debseed 27 Dec 2009 15:46


Originally Posted by adventure950 (Post 269179)
Lets say the 19th 20th Feb

That'll do nicely thanks!

debseed 27 Dec 2009 16:25

Dragon Rally
Originally Posted by Sleepdog
I'm up for this one, but am also going to the Dragon, see you there Debs (I owe you a short!):mchappy:

Me too, looking forward to seeing you there :thumbup1: __________________
Take care out there

We'll have to meet up - either there or on the way?


Laura Bennitt 28 Dec 2009 18:20

Yes please!
Count me in, I'll have got back from the latest travels over a month before then so will definitely need to go somewhere, and it appears the flat I've been living in no longer has a roof so I'll be well accustomed to winter camping by then!!


Jake 29 Dec 2009 16:21

Attached are the details of the pub for those that have not been before. Its provisionally looks like the weekend of the 19 /20 feb is Ok At present the pub has the following accomodation available at reasonable rates for those not wanting to camp - available at the moment are 3 x double rooms, 1 x three bed, 1x twin room and a cottage with sleeping for 4. Camping places will be limited as will the amount of people they can take for the weekend - so get your name down now if your coming along only definite attendees please.
Anyone available to organise the off road run out ? if - that is what is wanted.
For accomodation speak to phil or Pauline at the pub - 01751 417330. The New Inn, Cropton, North Yorkshire - mention Horizons do when you book. I have not put any accomodation on Hold as I do not want to be responsible for people not turning up so room will go to first come first served.
There are no proper camping facilities so you get a small patch of grass on a rear lawn behind the pub. Space is limited here.

Interested then get your names down so I can give firm details to the pub.

I have provisionally told them twenty people maybe at a push up to thirty.


debseed 29 Dec 2009 17:06

I'm a definite & I will be camping.

I would love to do some green-laning, but I'm very much a follower (for now!)


Debz 29 Dec 2009 18:48

Hi Jake

Count us in, we'll be camping.

Iain & Debz

Paul Furniss 29 Dec 2009 19:31

1 more for camping please. I can put together an off road route for that area if there is any interest.

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