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Sagarmatha1000 28 Jun 2007 14:55

Tiffany Coates
She didn't make it to the HUUK '07 because of illness, in fact I think hospitalisation was mentioned. Anyone have any more details on that? Is she on the road to recovery?

Mick O'Malley 29 Jun 2007 08:33


Regards, Mick

Sagarmatha1000 29 Jun 2007 08:45

Nice idea. Is it some subversive attempt to swell the membership of the GSClubUK? I don't have one so would rather not have to join to find out about another rider/traveller's health.

Can anyone who is a member repeat the relevent text here for me. Please.

Mick O'Malley 29 Jun 2007 10:42


Sorry, I didn't realise that the hyperlink wouldn't work. Here's the relevant text from the 27th:

Hi, Sam here ( tiff's sister) just to let people know that Tiff is in hospital. She was admitted on Friday. She had been suffering very badly with extremely high temperatures and had been extremely weak ( since monday) and was not responding to antibiotics.
She is now in hopsital less weak (able to get out of bed and shuffle to the toilet) and eating a tiny bit of food.
Doctors are finding it difficult to diagnose what is wrong with her.
She has been tested for malaria twice, dengue fever, lymes disease and loads of other things( awaiting weils disease result - though doctors are not expecting it to be this).
More medical info below for anyone interested.

She is currently in West Cornwall Hopsital in Penzance .
As I said - she is okay - but weak and experiencing a lot of muscle and joint discomfort and still getting very high temperatures - but not complaining.
Just thought I would let you know



Boring medical details

On monday 18th june - Tiff was feeling really bad - that night she had soaring tempoeratures and had rigours ( not sure if this is the right spelling) where you shake and shiver uncontrollably when your temperature goes up. She was getting completely soaked in sweat at least two or three times a night.Her whole body was aching like mad and she was very weak. On tuesday the doctor came out and did a malaria test and a few other blood tests. She continued to be ill. On thursday a urine test seemd to indicatge a kidney infection.
The anitbiotics she took for this made no difference.
She was admitted to hospital on the friday - By saturday she was feeling better - but then was back to feeling really bad by monday morning. The docotors say the antibiotics started to work - but her recovery has plateaued - they can't seem to get an improvement. She has a high level of Cpr in her bolld showing infection and inflamation but they can't find the source.They have done chest and stomach xrays . Her eyes have also gone yellow and blood shot - but kidney and liver function tests are fine.
Each morning a consultant visits explains they really can't identify what is wrong with her and orders a load more tests.

I am hoping by writing this - she will get better very soon and tell me off for sending this asking why i bothered telling everyone.

Regards, Mick

Sagarmatha1000 29 Jun 2007 10:57

Ta very much.

If anyone can contact her/hers tell her that she was missed at HUUK and she'll have to do her presentation another time. I hope she makes a swift recovery.

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