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palace15 9 Jan 2012 14:51

Overlanders/Travellers day at the ACE cafe
An automated emailed newsletter from the ACE cafe tells us the 2012 Overlanders/Travellers day is Sunday 19th Febuary.

teapotone 10 Jan 2012 19:59

ACE Cafe Adventure Day 19th Feb 2012
Any of you guys going to be at this one? I'll be there with the TeapotOne.com stall, be good to meet some of you and have a natter.

I'm also coming along to the Ripley meet this year, was brilliant in 2011.

Can't wait.



Alexlebrit 11 Jan 2012 21:11

I'll be there, well it is only just up the road.

Fantastic Mister Fox 11 Jan 2012 21:17

I hope to be a this one.

Selous 14 Jan 2012 22:25

I will be there

Chris M-C 15 Jan 2012 22:39

I have the date in diary and look forward to meeting everyone, should be meeting a couple of friends who are more local than me..

Roadcat 17 Jan 2012 13:35

Yeah, I really enjoyed the day last year. I'll definitely be making the trip down again this year.

jackass dave 22 Jan 2012 19:41

went to one a few years ago ,good day out ,ill be there

emsee 8 Feb 2012 21:34

Not long now ! I'll be there on my trusty KLR Tengai....flying the flag for Kawasaki against the mighty GS.:thumbup1:

Belle 9 Feb 2012 21:25

Me, Gordon and NAdine from the Scooters in the SAhara gang will be there on our C90s. :scooter:

Martynbiker 18 Feb 2012 11:56

i bet a euro........
that palace 15 will be there!:funmeteryes:

Pickled-Egg 18 Feb 2012 13:19

I was looking forward to this but still haven't got my bike back from the police after it was stolen last week :( :funmeterno:

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