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BOB UK 21 Jun 2007 13:19

Lift required Bournemouth to HU
Hi All :helpsmilie:
I know this is a very long shot but I have just got home from trying to ride to the HU meet and wondered if anyone was going up from this area in a car I live in Bournemouth but could get a lift from here to were you start from
I had knee surgery a few weeks ago and have only just got back on the bike I did a ride out the other day to see if I would be OK and all went well so today I set off bike loaded and full of hope :scooter: and about 30 miles down the road I had to turn round and come back :censored: :censored: :censored:

Like I say I know this is a real long shot but you never know and of course the normal money for petrol rules apply


If I cant work out a way of getting there I will see you all next year

I’m off to unpack my bike
Now were are those cans of beer :rolleyes2:

Brian E 21 Jun 2007 17:17

Mate if you can get a train/bus or something close to the site i will be at the site later tonight and i'm soft so taking my van. so could pick you up from nearest town sorry travelling from the North so Bournemouth not on the way.

My mobile in case 07711231417 Brian.

BOB UK 21 Jun 2007 17:33

Thanks for that mate but it looks like I might have a plan so with luck I will see you there tomorrow :D
That’s a beer I owe you for the offer


BOB UK 26 Jun 2007 16:20

Hi Brain thanks for the offer of the lift I made it there on my bike in the end I just had to wear different trousers that didn’t pull on the knee and not strap it up so tight
I did mean to give you a call and say thanks in person at the weekend but you now how it is when you are having fun :oops2:


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