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Fern 20 Apr 2012 23:25

Hubb Meet Ace Cafe London Sun June 3rd

Following the success of Alex's london community meet at the ace, we' d thought we'd have another one, and maybe we'll take some photos this time! It was lovely to meet so many faces from across London and further afield.

Lets say from 11am til mid afternoon. Richard and I will be heading straight for Dover from the ace, Richard is off to Ukraine and Romania, and i'm not stopping til New Zealand.

Lets hope for some sun, a nice bacon butty, cuppa tea and lots of friendly Hubb'ers


See you then


Trix 20 Apr 2012 23:50

Guess what ill be there lol bier

Alexlebrit 21 Apr 2012 04:00

And me too. :D

emsee 21 Apr 2012 16:13

:thumbup1: Hope to make it this time around.:clap:

oldminiclub 22 Apr 2012 12:58

I'll try and pop along. Never been to the Ace, so really ought to see what it's all about....and it's my birthday!

Alexlebrit 27 May 2012 12:59

Just bringing this back up to the top. The weather's booked, the Ace know we're coming, so let's hope to see you all there.

Fern 31 May 2012 22:00

I don't think the weather has been booked? :stormy::stormy::stormy::stormy:
My glass is really half empty. I need another cup of tea.:rain::rain::rain::rain::rain:

frogskate 2 Jun 2012 12:41

I am just seing this now.

I live inly 10 minutes ride from the Ace Cafe so I will be there for sure.

I am suppose to work from 2 to 4pm. I work as a rollerblading instructor in Hyde Park so it is weather dependent.
So I might be completly free to meet you all in case it rains.
Fern, the glass is definitly Half full. look again.
I will wave at you as you take off in the distance!

I look forward to it.



frogskate 3 Jun 2012 16:48

It was nice to meet a few of you today.

Fern and Richard left a bit quickly though. We were 3 bikes who were going to follow them up to Folkstone to see them off. They left so quickly that we were left behind. We tried to catch you up for about 30 minutes and eventually turned around back to the Ace Cafe.

Of well.

Good luck and ride safe.

oldminiclub 4 Jun 2012 08:16

I came along yesterday to the Ace, unfortunately I forgot to ask how to actually recognise any of you...:oops2:
Couldn't see many RTW types so I had a cuppa and headed back. Still it was good to actually find the Ace so next time there's a meet I know its an easy trip from home.
Good luck Fern & Richard, hope you both have amazing trips.

frogskate 5 Jun 2012 01:22

What time did you come?

Definitly were a few RTW type bikes.
I was there from 12 to 2pm.

I live very close to the Ace cafe so if you want to meet up around a cofee or a beer just say the word! beer

MyOwnWay 6 Jun 2012 10:49

Shame, I was not able to be there, at work instead:(. I hope next time I ll be there BUT what about the pictures, did anybody take some?

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