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Alexlebrit 4 Mar 2012 12:05

HU London Community Meet.
Spotting that not a lot was happening with the HU London Community the other day I rashly messaged asking if anyone fancied meeting up. 40+ messages later it looks like I wasn't the only one.

So to stop us all from sitting round and losing the enthusiasm I just fired off another message. I'm suggesting meeting up sometime over the weekend of the 17th-18th of March at the Ace Cafe where we'll kick tyres, compare dirt, and hopefully get the chance to hear about people's travels, past or proposed.

It won't be anything grand, there almost certainly won't be any slide shows, videos, or workshops on how to pick up a bike (unless I forget to put the sidestand down again) just a bunch (in theory there are 124 members of the London HU Community) of us, with tea and tales to tell.

If you're interested then I'd urge you to get over to the HU Communities Page HERE, scroll most of the way down till you get to London, and join up to get copied into all the messages straight into your inbox.

And I'll post more details on this thread as we arrange them.

Derek2031 4 Mar 2012 15:52

Good call, make that 124+1. Looking forward to it! :thumbup1:



MyOwnWay 4 Mar 2012 16:24

One more.
I've been receiving the posts too, I'm part of those 124 listed peope referred to above and It' d be great to get to know a few, of you if not all, during that gathering.
Either day works great for me although saturday would be perfect, hope sunshine will be part of that meeting too.


mattcbf600 5 Mar 2012 14:37

What a great idea - I wasn't even a member of the community - I am now!

Both days Alex? What time?


radiocappie 5 Mar 2012 14:51

Hi all , new to the community, so if possible will try to see you all at the Ace.
Looking forward to meeting you all Barry

Alexlebrit 7 Mar 2012 02:09

For anyone who's either not on the mailing list, or who has missed out somehow, put 10:30 on the 18th of March at the Ace Cafe down in your diary.

I'll aim to get there slightly early and have even volunteered to hold an Horizons Unlimited logo up so we can all find each other.

Fern 7 Mar 2012 09:38

thank you, hope to be there

Alexlebrit 10 Mar 2012 19:32

Fern, will you be riding down from Ely? Or is your location wrong?

Fern 12 Mar 2012 11:39

yep, should be! Are fennites allowed inside the M25? :-)

Fern 12 Mar 2012 11:40

I have a lot of friends/family in North Ldn, so down every so often anyways, lived in Ldn for 5 yrs.

Alexlebrit 12 Mar 2012 20:41


Originally Posted by Fern (Post 370966)
yep, should be! Are fennites allowed inside the M25? :-)

Yes, I believe they no longer have passport controls.

Fern 12 Mar 2012 22:26

great, my passport is at the passport office. Still. .....

MyOwnWay 13 Mar 2012 21:09

I won't miss it, I' ll see you there guys.

MyOwnWay 17 Mar 2012 20:47

See you tomorrow.
If you see a short south american guy in trouble to kick the side stand out, on a blue KLR 650, that's me. Hope to see many of you there tomorrow (sunday 18th march 2012).

Alexlebrit 18 Mar 2012 15:24

It was great to see everyone, sorry if I didn't say hi, I'm blaming the fact so many people came out of the woodwork. And stupidly I didn't take one photo despite being organised enough to ask Matt to print out signs (thank you again, I must buy printer ink someday).

Hopefully we can do it again sometime, might even sit down and eat, and look at maps and stuff, or who knows, actually ride somewhere?

And how handy to have an AA man in the community, wasn't it Fern?

Finally for people who like the C-word, I think we mentioned the Adventure Bike Rider magazine's Chilterns Chill-Out next weekend. It looks like a gentle bit l of camping with organised road and green-lane riding on the Saturday (if dry apparently even a sportsbike could do the green lanes, if wet though you'll need knobblies). There's chilli available Saturday night (although I bet the organiser didn't expect to be catering for nearly 50 people) our just bring your own.

More details over at ABR Chilterns Chill Out Weekend March 22nd to 25th 2012 - Adventure Bike Rider Forum

And again thanks everyone for coming out, remind me not to have anymore silly ideas (Urban HU meet anyone?)


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