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Chizz 9 Apr 2010 18:50

Highland Mini Meet
High Folks

Just to let anyone who is interested know that a few of us have got our heads together to arrange a mini meet in the highlands for the weekend beginning 28th May - Camping available in Cannich (25 miles from Inverness )

Cannich Caravan & Camping Park - Situated in the Scottish Highlands at Glen Affric near Loch Ness

I have checked with the owners who wont be turning anyone away as i understand has happened on a previous meet

This will be a good opportnity to catch up with Angus and Paul - who should have lots of tales to tell from their Africa trip.

A few definites so far

Bruce and Stella
Chris and Beej

Look forward to some more replies

Chizz (Bruce)

debseed 9 Apr 2010 19:00

I knew this would happen! Its the same weekend as the Northern Ireland HU meeting, which I've booked on :(

I've been checking on Angus and Paul's blog. Affric 2 Africa - Charity Fund Raiser
It looks like they are making good progress, and would love to hear their stories when they get back! So I'm planning on coming up there sometime over the summer (with loads of Skin so Soft!). Hope to meet Stella, my Serow Sister too!! :scooter:

Chizz 10 Apr 2010 09:48

Sorry Debs

We always knew that whatever date we agreed not everyone could make it - look forward to seeing you in the summer sometime.


XRM 10 Apr 2010 09:59

Bruce - I will also be on the road. See you some other time up at the CNOC


Jake 10 Apr 2010 16:37

Hi Bruce, If i can I will be there - may be to early for the back to be sorted but we will see - however I will try to use the shorter / quicker route this time - so by my calculations that must be to Peterhead and turn left. Jake.

Chizz 10 Apr 2010 18:41

Sorry you cant make it Robb i will by you a pint next time you are up,

Jake this is great news - glad to hear you are getting better - it will be great to see you -if it turns out the camping is a problem for the back let us know - i am sure we can find a bed for you somewhere!


Jake 10 Apr 2010 19:04

Hi Bruce if I get there camping will be fine and I am pretty sure I will get there. tchus Jake.

DougieB 10 Apr 2010 21:07

would be great to see you Jake, if you do make it.

have had a txt from the Affric boys on the africa trip. sounds like there will be a few stories to tell !


*Touring Ted* 10 Apr 2010 22:34

Im up in Edinburgh that weekend on the bike so who knows !!

I'll talk to my mate !

DougieB 10 Apr 2010 22:45

by the way, I have cracking route from Edinburgh to Cannich. I will probably leave Edinburgh around mid-day-ish, depending on if anyone else wants to ride up?

it's gentle, twisting roads, though about as direct as it gets. on the old military road route.


Jake 11 Apr 2010 19:54

Dougie can you pass me the details of your route as I am thinking of splitting the trip up and back into two days each way and camping half way up - my route was stirling - aberfeldy - tummel bridge wild camp loch ranoch near camghouran then Friday north to ranoch station on a9 turn off to Laggan over to south side of the loch a 82 and a87 and work my way to the do.

DougieB 11 Apr 2010 22:45

so, from Edinburgh,

over the Bridge and through Rosyth towards Dunfermline, picking up the A823.
Follow the A823 through Dunfermline towards Powmill (past Knockhill race circuit).
After Powmill, left (still on the A823) to Yetts o Muckhart.
Nadgery junction follows, take a right turn, then immediately bear left following signs to Glendevon.
Through Glen Devon, Glen Eagles (crossing the A9).
Stay on the A823 until it becomes the A822 and goes into Crieff.
In Crieff, go along the High St (heading towards Perth).
After 2 miles or so, and a set of s-bends, take a left at Gilmerton.
Through Sma' Glen (bits of Wade's road), and past Amulree (hotel was an old Kingshouse for English troops)
left onto A826 to Aberfeldy (72 miles from central Edinburgh).

leave Aberfeldy over Wade's bridge, towards Weem.
past Glengoulandie (Schiehallion on the left, where contour lines were invented) and left after Tummel Bridge (another old Wade bridge).
first right (sign The North), then next right to Trinafour
Immediately after Trinafour take a left signed Dalchalloch
after going over the top, you'll join the A9.
take a left and then pull off at the next left, Dalwhinnie.
Then it's Laggan and Spean Bridge, and up to Glen Affric.

I cycled this a few weeks back, and it's one of the most spectacular routes I've come across in central Scotland (I think).

Aberfeldy, nr Tummel Bridge, Kinloch Rannoch, Glengoulandie all have campsites.

Do you have a spot you've been to before for camping nr loch rannoch ? I can do a wee recce for you over the next couple of weeks, just to double check the possible sites. Unless someone else already knows. Certainly higher up everything was pretty sodden because of the snow, and all the lochs were still frozen.

On a good day it's definitely worth going through glen devon, glen eagles, and sma' glen. the road between Trinafour and the A9 is also really good, and is a shortcut.


Jake 11 Apr 2010 22:55

Hi Dougie yes that route up through wades bridge and weem is a route I have used before it really is lovely and there are a few lakeside spots for wild camping along the south side of Loch Ranoch but i have a particular one in mind where I stayed it has great views and is right on a small beach area. But thanks for the offer of the recce - not really needed I will find somewhere along the route in anycase even if someone else happens to be using what i have in mind. Cheers jake.

greenmanalishi 12 Apr 2010 13:42

Dukes Pass Auchray Forest trail
Hi Folks I will be in Edinburgh on Friday May 28th. On the Saturday I had plans to take Touring Ted around the dukes pass and maybe onto the Auchray forest trail. Is that anywhere near where you lot will be meeting or camping?

If so maybe we will bump into you before heading back to Edinburgh to stay on the Saturday night.


MikeS 12 Apr 2010 13:52

If the weather's anything like today, count me in too.

Dougie - when you heading up from Edin?

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