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DougieB 25 Sep 2009 19:06

Aviemore caming, Oct 24/25

A few of us got talking about setting a date for another trip. This time up in Aviemore, and some riding around the Cairngorms area. Possible rides are out to Stonehaven and Dunottar Castle, via Ballater, or west up through Bonar Bridge and Ullapool. Depend which area the sun is shining on.

I imagine a few people will be heading up on Friday the 23rd, with others on Saturday 24th. So, if you want to head up let us know which day and you'll be able to hook-up with someone for the ride up. If you plan riding up during the day I recommend getting Perth, then the A93 (Braemar) -> A939 (Tomintoul).

We have a campsite recommended, which is right on the edge of town (so walkable). I'll email the exact location nearer the time, but it's 'behind the italian restaurant, at the roundabout coming from the south'. You can't fail with those directions, who needs sat-nav :-)

And Aviemore has a bunkhouse/hostel/hotel for anyone not wishing to camp.

Anyone and everyone welcome. If you'd prefer just to come up for the day (Sat or Sun) and go for a ride then that's cool, just let us know and we'll sort a time to meet up.


DougieB 25 Sep 2009 19:18

PS. I think we have about 6 people so far.

sockpuppet 26 Sep 2009 18:19

I'll be there!

Leaving on my main trip on the 4th Jan so this would be the final time to have a bit of a long run shake down with the kit before I go. Make sure the bike is running well before the off.

DougieB 28 Sep 2009 07:36

great stuff. nearer the time I'll (try to) post times of people leaving Edinburgh, so you can meet up here if you like.


Dave-XT 30 Sep 2009 21:02


My brother and I would like to come along if that ok. Just both got XT660 Teneres, planning trip to North Africa (Morocco, Maura, Mali, Senegal, Burkino) for 8 weeks over De/Jan and could do with a good test run.

Will follow the directions to the campsite, ride up on Friday and hoepfully see you all there.


PS If that weekend I happened to get any tips for trip planning eg what kit to take etc etc etc that wouldnt be the worst thing in the world neither.

DougieB 30 Sep 2009 21:10

cool. been in all of those countries, on a few trips. so will happily have a natter about it...


Jake 15 Oct 2009 20:47

Dougie just to let you know I will be leaving mid Northumberland Early friday afternoon hope to be through Edwinsburg onto the Bridge by 3 - 3.30pm at at latest. I will be travelling up with Keiren (my laddie) I will be on Bilge he on a KLE anyone wants to tag along tis fine but I want to avoid waiting around or getting held up for time so I can try to get ahead of the traffic on Friday evening.
No Doubt you will be warming up a bar for us arriving !

XRM 18 Oct 2009 16:35

I live a few miles north of the Forth Bridge and will be leaving home around midday. Tea / Coffee is on offer if anyone wants to meet up. PM me and I'll email details.

Starbeck 21 Oct 2009 17:59

Have a good trip. Six of us were up there a couple of weeks ago although we were'nt camping. We stayed at the Cairngorm Hotel,a few minutes walk from where you're camping. Good bar there,restaurant too although there's a wine bar/bistro almost opposite (near the station) with good food and booze. Can't remember the name of the place though. Must've been pi55ed.
Great biking roads and not too much traffic at this time of year.

Chizz 21 Oct 2009 19:29

I will do my best
Not sure if I can make this - I was away last weekend so may be pushing my luck - I have two mates who are planning a charity ride to Mali in March next year they live not far away so i will let them know about this trip - (sounds like you may have some tips Dougie) which campsite are you at?, what time do you think you will arrive ? If I cant make it and you are on a rideout you are always welcome to call in for coffee i am 8 miles from beauly heading towards cannich - send me a PM if you areinterested

Chizz (Bruce)

DougieB 21 Oct 2009 19:52


just sent you a pm.

there should be some people at the campsite from about 3pm on the Friday. I would expect we'll head out for a ride between 9 and 10 am on the Saturday.

I'm pretty sure this is the campsite

High Range - The family-friendly woodland park complex nestles at the foot of the magnificent Craigellachie Nature Reserve at the south end of Aviemor


Chizz 21 Oct 2009 21:35

looks like we will make it !
Doug and Co

Just spoken to my mates and my wife - and it would appear that all three of us can make it !- at least for Friday night

Look forward to meeting you all

Bruce (Chizz)

DougieB 21 Oct 2009 22:33


There's a band on at the Mambo (pub) on the Friday night.


MikeS 21 Oct 2009 22:58

Can't make it myself this weekend unfortunately as am down in N Wales but have a good one guys - hope it stays dry for those camping!

Beej 22 Oct 2009 12:42

Getting to Aviemore - metting points
Hi All,

so far we have coming... as far as I know!

Beej & Chris
Jake & Keiren
Dave & his Bro
Bruce + 2

Do let us know where you plan to meet... don't want to wait for no reason or to leave anyone behind!

Also... if you want a mobile number PM me with yours and I'll text you back.

Looking forward to it!!!!!

Meeting Point 1

Beej & Chris - 11am. meet in the layby on your left as you come off the Forth Road Bridge. We will be stopping off at Rob's in Kinross for a quick cuppa!

Meeting Point 2

Rob - 11:30am for a cuppa! 12noon to leave...
Rob in Kinross is offering a cup of Tea for anyone wanting to ride up with him...

Meeting Point 3

- the plan is to meet at the services at the south end of the Forth Road Bridge at 4:30pm. As you get near the bridge on the M90 (either from Edinburgh or the by-pass) you'll see the Dakota Hotel on your right (black boxy building). Take the next exit, and at the roundabout take the first left. Then after about 400 years turn left into the services.

Meeting Point 4

The campsite! which is right on the edge of town (so walkable). IBehind the italian restaurant, at the roundabout coming from the south'.

High Range - The family-friendly woodland park complex nestles at the foot of the magnificent Craigellachie Nature Reserve at the south end of Aviemor

Oh... and if we're not there it looks like we'll be in the pub!!!!!!

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