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xfiltrate 24 Dec 2007 13:21

HU Meet December 07, comments
Oscar, Nancy and daughters and their friends put together another great HU meet. It is seldom that so many from such diversity can all feel so very much at home in one place. El Condor (the HU campsite) was well selected and Reuben, the caretaker was ever present to help out. And, applause and a big well done to Grant and Susan and others for creating this concept.

Let's face it, we are a very individualistic group, with very different goals and aspirations. Some, and I admire them greatly, are world class "overlanders" with many cultures and countries having passed under their wheels. These, experienced riders are some of the best in the world. I learned that bulky terry towels and jeans could be replaced by high tech towels and pants and thereby make room for much more useful gear such as an extra small tent/fly for quick set up on sunny wind swept beaches. and, more space for extra water and food for long stretches of extended remote camping and that second featherweight hammock so Elisa and I can set up camp in two minutes.

And, the wisdom, the acceptance and, yes, I will say it, the love and caring for each other, was in abundance. Even the tough guys, not to mention any names, but my favorite "Quastdog" had a very gentle grin and bid us a very sincere "Bueana Rutas." And yes, Quastdog, I know their are many aliens in Texas, but the aliens we are searching for cross a different border.

And yes, the Germans and other Euro types, seem to click on the English version of events a little out of sync, but always "spot on" and my God do they know their bikes. Wow. And all are welcome to visit us in Buenos Aires.

And we were finally able to meet Javier and his friends. Anyone who visits Buenos Aires and doesn't visit Javier a Dakarmotos is missing out on what overland motorcycling is all about. He is the kind of man one would want on one's team, no matter what the game. He provides excellent service and much more.

We returned home to Buenos Aires yesterday Dec 23rd..after riding up to Rio Colorado, Santa Rosa and across the Pampas to San Antonio de Areco.
We interviewed many witnesses to strange encounters with UFOs, other beings and cattle mutilations. And, we met with experts in the field, such as Quique Mario, author, professor and investigative reporter plus we were invited back, expenses paid by a cable tv station, to continue our research. We will return in March.

We wish all those who traveled south and all who attended this year's meet happy holidays and Buena Rutas. Thank you Oscar for being a friend. from Ed and Elisa, two red hondas

*Touring Ted* 24 Dec 2007 18:32

Well said there !!

I echo those words of thanks to Oscar, Nancy and family who put together a fantastic weekend. Its easily the best HU meeting in the calander made extra special by the people who attend the meeting.

A great time was had by all and ill be really sad that I wont be in Argentina for the meeting next year.

I met loads of great, friendly people in Viedma and hope the meeting stays as popular as ever.

I think what really makes it special is that everyone there IS a traveller and not just a Sunday riding stockbroker wanting somewhere to take their Touratech 1200GS adventure over the weekend. (no offence meant to 1200 riding stockbrokers) :cool4:

Thanks everybody !!!


maria41 30 Dec 2007 02:16

Yep cant say more ...
Meeting some of the people there was an absolute inspiration! Some have been on the road for years and still going strong... an inspiration for me at least!

And everybody was so happy to share their tricks, tips and experience, it was incredible.
I will never forget this meet and the exceptional passionate people I´ve met there....

quastdog 30 Dec 2007 11:30

...you meant them Aliens next door, in Roswell, New Mexico!
gotta wear my earplugs when I ride - I think the hearing is shot!

All joking aside (not really), it was indeed a special few days in Viedma, thanks to the Knecht family and all the other toughguys that showed up along with the softies.

I envision a new poster for next year's meet - a few old-asses named Schwartznegger, Stallone and Quastdog straddling their steads on a bluff overlooking Viedma...trying to decide whether they should have their siesta before or after they pillage, plunder and blow up the town.

xfiltrate 3 Jan 2008 19:08

To sleep or not to sleep?
Quastdog, I am always available to learn something new, haven't tried general destruction of a given population yet, but it does seem to me if you are tired take the siesta first and if not, just get on with it.

Where do I sign up for the general destruction part? What do I need to bring? xfiltrate

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