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vincent danna 12 Jan 2006 03:44

2006 meeting - french alps provence

i discussed with grant and the french hubb communities about the opportunity to organize a travellers meeting in France : french alps provence would be the dream location !

alain arnaud is experienced : he has organised tours / hostings for touratech, bmw, etc ... : that s his job before he can realize his dream : ride round the world :-). he can host us and make us visit the french alps and provence :


feel free to visit his website and give any feedback about this eventual travellers meeting. ideas welcome, cheers.

Frank Warner 12 Jan 2006 09:54

If you could time it so people could

get to your meeting
get to the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy
and then get to the HU UK meeting ...

Alternative - have it after the UK meeting.. may not be so good as those that go to the UK meet may like to tour around the UK for a while?

Might see you in 2007? Thinking of travelling up through Africa to the IOM TT centaniary so hiting a few meetings and rallies on the way through would be good.

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vincent danna 12 Jan 2006 10:54

you're right, the timing is important.
1- alain could host (food, rooms, tours etc ...) "à la carte", so i ll have to ask him his availabilities.
2- that's also grant's organisation and we need grant's approval.
i'm open to make the link, if necessary, if some people are interested in participating to a french meeting in this beautiful dream spot.

Grant Johnson 13 Jan 2006 02:36

yes... http://www.horizonsunlimited.com/ubb/smile.gif

we'll sort it out asap!

when? 2006 or 2007 ???

vincent danna 13 Jan 2006 17:38

here s what i received today from alain :

"Pour ma part, il me reste encore 4 week ends de libres pour cet été, dont celui du 15 août.
Les salles (pour repas, réunions, projection de films et diaporama) sont maintenant toutes réservées pour cette année. C'est à dire que si nous voulons faire quelque chose de sérieux, il faut réserver maintenant pour 2007 !
Il y a une salle "idéale", où nous pouvons faire des projections, où il y a du son, où nous pouvons manger à environ 150 personnes (si d'aventure il fallait prévoir plus de monde, je peux avoir d'autres salles plus grandes) et avec un parking.
Hébergement et restauration : pas de problème. On peut improviser plus facilemnt que la salle.
Je pense qu'il faudrait qu'on se recontacte, verrons avec Grant pour avoir son feu vert, afin d'organiser sereinement quelque chose de bien pour 2007.
Je pense, vu la vitesse à laquelle passe le temps, que c'est plus sage.

beddhist 13 Jan 2006 21:18

So, he's booked out for this year. I don't think the meeting will be that big this year, so give this one a try: http://www.relais-motard-fontgaillarde.com/ I think it would be ideal for a smallish meeting, but you have to ask about camping. Normally they have rooms only.

Grant Johnson 14 Jan 2006 03:54

Beddhist, that link just gives me a blank blue page, in IE and Firefox. ??


Grant Johnson 14 Jan 2006 04:10

Seems to be interest - so does anyone know a good spot?

Camping, meeting room, food and drink...

beddhist 15 Jan 2006 04:45

Grant & Vincent: their web page seems down, but the cached version in Google gives:

Relais Motard de Fontgaillarde
Chez JL et Pat Audibert
04170 THORAME Haute

Tél Fax : 04 92 83 51 34

I know the place, that's why I thought it would be a good location. Awesome food!

Vincent, may I suggest you ring them to find out whether they are still in business? Then you can discuss everything further.

If they have closed down I'd like to know, please.

vincent danna 16 Jan 2006 01:14

i just talked with alain on the phone tonight.
he can organize everything :
- camping, host, find hotels in/around his village
- catering (food, drinks) with the help of people from his village
- road books and rides around provence and south alps
- book a big entertainment room for slide shows, talks around tables, interviews, bar, disco, vendors, etc ...
- ...
some bookings may depend on the delaies.
have a look at his website to see his "dream" location (SISTERON) :

he has organised before some meetings for touratech, bmw ...

he does this as a volunteer for an association "provence moto rando", in order
to finance, one day, his dream world tour.

just have to find an agreement/partnership with him


nb : beddhist, the phone rings correctly when i called today.

vincent danna 19 Jan 2006 10:37

hello, i reached Relais Motard de Fontgaillarde on the phone yesterday : they can welcome a meeting (they are able to host 40 people maxi.), are only open during the summer, it s a business or a private company, they ll send me their catalogue and quotations (their website is out of order, no email, no english, only reachable by phone and regular mail at the moment).

simmo 19 Jan 2006 13:02

Oh La La and it is nice down there. Some Roquefort, Artisou and Chateau somewhere plonk, just be very careful you dont leave as two and come home as three! 2007 Please. Time to organise the pass out.

Grant Johnson 19 Jan 2006 20:06

40 isn't big enough unfortunately. Keep trying elsewhere - come on you Europeans - surely there's SOMEWHERE!

Frank Warner 20 Jan 2006 09:13

What numbres are you thinking of Chris? The OZ meeting had around 100. The UK one is around what 200? I'd think the first one in France would be about the 100 mark? Takes time for people to learn about the meeting and then motivated to get along.

At the OZ meeting people were not that interested in going for rides - more in the talks.

Maybe an indication of who wants to go from the communities - to get an idea of numbers?

airhead 20 Jan 2006 17:56

the 10th EAR (european airhead riders rendezvous) will be in southern france first week of september (4th-8th). the location has not been decided yet, but it will definitely be in southern france again.
for details you may subscribe to the euroheads list (www.euroheads.org) or follow the postings here.


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