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wide open 4 Jul 2008 22:55

HU Meet NC July 2008?
Surprised there's no thread on this - I won't be the only one there will I?:confused1:

gaspipe 5 Jul 2008 03:32

With a little luck, I'll be there. There's lots of good riding around and the crew is always good.

ghostdncr 6 Jul 2008 00:58

I'm in. Plan to arrive at the campground late Wednesday. Anyone else plan on passing through the southern Indiana/Kentucky area on the 16th?

Big Mack 7 Jul 2008 02:37

N. Carolina Mtg.
My wife and I plan to arrive Fri. am from S. Ont. Doing a 2 lane ride through Pa. Virginia etc. Looking forward to this. Ride safe. Neil W

wide open 8 Jul 2008 00:31

I'm looking forward to meeting you, since it's partly your fault that I've built up these desires to start leaving knobby tracks all over the planet. Seriously, your trip reports over on the adv board have been a big source of knowledge and inspiration for me!:clap:

Big Mack,
I'll be riding down from PA on Thursday, arriving Thursday night, which unfortunately means I'll be dueling with the trucks on the interstates in order to get to Robbinsville before dark.
Just in case you don't already know this, if you have the time, either on your north or southbound journeys you should ride as much of the Blue Ridge Parkway and Skyline Drive as you can.
I rode the entire length of both roads a couple of months ago, and would be happy to relay what I know about them if you're interested. In short, they feature some of the very, very, best road riding and most beautiful scenery in the Eastern U.S.

wheels 8 Jul 2008 18:30

HU Travellers Meetings - North Carolina 2008
I plan on riding down from Rochester NY - leaving tuesday to arrive sometime thursday ... no definitive route yet but would like to stick to 2 laners if anyone would like to try an meet up give a shout - my first meeting - see you all there

catchmeifyoucan 9 Jul 2008 17:19

This is my first meeting. I'm riding up from Alabama on Thursday. Looking forward to the event.


Big Mack 10 Jul 2008 00:06

N.C. Meeting
Wide Open; We have done bits of the B.P. before, and will likely touch it again. You are right, it is a great ride, and a lovely area in general. We will see you there on an old,blue, KLR.
Neil W

gaspipe 10 Jul 2008 18:11


Originally Posted by wide open (Post 197597)
I'm looking forward to meeting you, since it's partly your fault that I've built up these desires to start leaving knobby tracks all over the planet. Seriously, your trip reports over on the adv board have been a big source of knowledge and inspiration for me!:clap:

It would seem my diabolical plan is working. I always found the coolest people and the most fantastic scenery are down the lousiest tracks. Lee and I have an interesting slideshow to present on central Mexico. Lots of interesting places.

Look forward to seeing some old acquaintances, and meeting some new ones!


ghostdncr 11 Jul 2008 02:24

I'll be at the Iron Horse campground "along the creek", whatever that means. Look for my Red Bull/Repsol Transalp:


...and stop by for Crown and Coke and a visit. Bring your own chair.

Of course, the bike may look more like this:


...if recent history decides to repeat itself...:rolleyes2:

Jammin 11 Jul 2008 05:18

Hey guys,
It's going to be my first HU meeting and I'm also presenting (on laptops and how to stay connected, etc).
I already took too many days off from work for my recent trip to Alaska :cool4: so will be doing an all-nighter from Chicago to arrive by Friday morning.

ghostdncr, you going to be supplying some Red Bull? cause I'm going to need that to stay awake.

What do people do for lunch? Does the resort have a restaurant, cause I know there's no real towns right there. I'm going to bring some MREs just in case.

Oh, and I hope no one minds that I wont be on a dual-sport or similar (it had a catastrophic engine failure in Alaska :() but maybe there'll be another sport-touring sportbike there...

wide open 11 Jul 2008 13:38

I'll be on my road bike, too - a red R12 RT, since I also have to high-tail it down there, and also because my DR's crankcase recently evacuated itself after a skid plate bolt punched the crankcase.

(Story here, if you're really bored: Skid plate blues / aluminum case welding? - ADVrider)

Looking forward to meeting everyone!


JimD 11 Jul 2008 16:45


No problemo - Charlene cooks a mean supper, breakfast also. Lunch at a small Mom & Pop nearby. Beer, however, is a 15mi run to another county. All the comforts of home(almost).

murphyiosny 11 Jul 2008 21:19

NC Mtg Route
Heading down from New York (via Harrisburg) on Tues PM or Weds AM - depending on when I can sneak out of work. Really looking forward to my first HUBB meeting.

Wide Open's advice sounds good to me - I plan on riding Skyline Drive and as much Blue Ridge Parkway as time allows.

Never been to this area before. I imagine I will have to hop on 81 if time gets short?

Any suggestions on the parts of the BRP that I shouldn't miss?



JimD 12 Jul 2008 03:50


The North Carolina part-------------for sure. If you just have to get in a hurry, get in a hurry early and slow down through NC. :-)

The Parkway has a closed section
Parkway Section Closed to Repair a Failed Retaining Wall

Call them for the latest info------

The park information line at 828 298 0398 has the most updated information on facilities, activities, and road closures.

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