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Grant Johnson 19 Nov 2010 18:28

California USA 2011 Travellers Meeting in Cambria October 14-16
Cambria, California USA, October 14-16 2011

Full details and Registration open now!

Fantastic NEW location centrally located between San Francisco and Los Angeles, in great riding country!

We'd love to continue to have a meeting in Petrolia as in the last two years, it's a great location, but it's just too far for most people, so we're delighted that our new organisers Mike and Sandra Dimond found the Cambria location - because you're going to love it! Get the details on the page.

We are also now accepting applications from presenters for putting on a show, it can be on any bike related travelling topic. Last year we had our most diverse range of topics ever, with some fantastic shows and knowledgeable talks. To help planning the event we need your application forms in early please!

For some more ideas on what YOU COULD present, see the UK Meeting.

We are also looking for volunteers as usual! We had an excellent crew last year doing a range of activities. It takes help from volunteers to put on the meeting and this year we'll need a few more. When you register for the event you'll have an opportunity to volunteer, and we'd greatly appreciate it if you'd help out for just a few hours. It's a GREAT way to meet people too!
We look forward to seeing you there! :mchappy:

Grant and Susan

createAbang 22 Nov 2010 17:46

Big Plans!

We attended our first meeting in Petrolia last summer and had a great time. We're really excited about hosting at the new location in Cambria. The camp is very rustic and laid back - nestled in the pines overlooking the Pacific. Check out the pics. It feels as quiet and away from it all as Petrolia did - without the huge drive to get there. We're sure you'll love it.

We feel like we're planning a party for a couple of hundred of our closest friends. In fact - that's EXACTLY what we're doing, and this is your Personal Invitation to join us!

To kick things off we're pleased to announce the first presenter to sign up to do a show at the meeting. We ran into Carla King at the IMS motorcycle show last weekend. She's been busy with her new book - to be published in the spring - and digitizing a bunch of her never-before-seen photos. She's going to put together a show to present in Cambria. If you saw her in Petrolia you know she's always got great stories and pics.

So mark your calendar & plan to visit the Central Coast in October, and check back for updates. We'll be adding more info pics of the area - things to see and roads to ride.

DLbiten 23 Nov 2010 02:22

One of the best spots for it 5hr.+- ride from LA or San Fran. You will pull far more people from there. That close to a large city you may be able to get vendors to show up. It will be a grate meeting!

wow inexpensive meeting to! I can not see any one who is even thinking about overlanding in the area not going to this. For that matter gust looking for something to do for a weekend it is cheap.

engjacques 3 Dec 2010 17:03

A day less, what happened to thursday night?
Camping at nearly $35 night - or is thata typo? never paid that much to put a tent up in the woods!
And of course a lot further if coming from the north, is it worth it for a day less if it not part of a trip south. Those turning around and heading back home north will hit the weather.

All said I will most likely be there too meet up with crowd! Gtrat meetings in Petrolia, Cambria got a lot too follow.

Grant Johnson 3 Dec 2010 18:09


Originally Posted by engjacques (Post 314709)
A day less, what happened to thursday night?
Camping at nearly $35 night - or is thata typo? never paid that much to put a tent up in the woods!
And of course a lot further if coming from the north, is it worth it for a day less if it not part of a trip south. Those turning around and heading back home north will hit the weather.

All said I will most likely be there too meet up with crowd! Gtrat meetings in Petrolia, Cambria got a lot too follow.

Good to hear you'll be there! :)

We're very excited about the new location, and hope that we'll be able to bring the travelling message to a lot more people with it's excellent location between SF and LA. Oh yeah - we're still on the coast too! ;)

Re 35 a night - well, it's NOT camping in the woods, :) and that's what it costs us. Any good campground in the area is apparently in that area for price. Nice if it was cheaper, but that's the going rate. People from the area that were also at Petrolia think it's a great facility and "think the price is a deal for this area".

Re Thursday - feedback from some people said there wasn't enough happening to make it worth while coming a long way for the Thursday night, so we're trying to deal with that as follows:
  1. One less day makes it easier for people to get time off work
  2. MORE presenters! We plan a full schedule for Friday night and all day Saturday, and with any luck Sunday am too.
  3. For 2012 we'll look at expanding it to Thursday again, but it is another 35 for camping!
See you there!

engjacques 3 Dec 2010 22:11

Thanks Grant:thumbup1:

cb160racer 10 Dec 2010 14:19

Keep in mind that the camping fee must help cover the cost of acreage, buildings, facilities, infrastructure, etc., in a very expensive part of the world. Even if the fee were cut in half it would still seem high and the facility probably wouldn't be able to stay in existence very long.

I am definitely going to attend this meeting if my schedule allows it. The relatively high price of camping for a couple of nights in a beautiful place with great people is certainly worth it to me, and the location seems perfect. Like Petrolia, it's a lovely part of California and it's well away from cities; unlike Petrolia, it's within reasonable riding distance for a large number of people without taking a bunch of time off. Plus it's warmer. Plus there are showers. :)

engjacques 18 Dec 2010 01:41

SHOWERS!! What no more smelly travellers:laugh:.

createAbang 18 Dec 2010 02:23

You can lead a biker to water but.....:blush:

I've put up some pics of the camp as well as some info on things to see & do in the area here. Info on roads and what's in town is coming after the Holidays.


Thundertyphoon 24 Dec 2010 06:48


Kudos on the website. I appreciate your hard work and look forward to the updates. Now, what can we do to ensure the weather is good? :cool4:

markharf 24 Dec 2010 08:16

Anyone prone to planning that far ahead might want to know that Cambria's got a hostel run by very, very nice people: dorm beds, private rooms, the usual pluses and minuses for hostel stays. It's expensive for a hostel, but I stayed there and found it entirely worth it. Probably cheaper than hotels, although I can't say I know this for sure--I'm judging by the $35 camping fees.

Hope that's helpful.


The 314559 1 Jan 2011 23:25

Looks great! I love the mini amphitheater. Tire changing will look very poetic.

khjphoto 29 Jan 2011 19:58

Calfornia's Central Coast - One of the Places God Lives
Anyone that has not been on the CA Central Coast you really ought to
use this Rally as the excuse to do so! Some of the best riding to be had is in
San Luis Obispo/Monterey Counties. Coupled with grand places to stay and
a myriad of resturants makes this distination one not to be missed. October is
a great month to visit; indeed to ride there from anywhere. Rockys should still be free of snow, the desserts should be out of the "century" temps.

A few of the places to eat while in Cambria/SLO are:
F.McCintocks in SLO or Shell Beach
Try the Breakfast Burrito

Alexs BBQ in Shell Beach
Great beef ribs

Apple Farm in SLO
again great for all meals

Hoffbrau in Morro Bay
The best Prime Dip ever!

Main Street Grill in Cambria
Santa Maria BBQ

PLUS Sooooo Many more!

Hwy 1 up to Carmel. Be sure to stop at Nepenthe, be on the left Northbound

Hwy 46/41 to Paso Robles and sooooo many more.

On the way back East? Perhaps Hwy 58 outside of Santa Margarita.

OK, this was a tease - Good Luck with the trip planning!

Glad to answer any questions about the Central Coast.

createAbang 17 Feb 2011 20:04

Clement Salvadori Speaks
Author, photographer and Rider Magazine contributor Clement Salvadori will be speaking at this years Horizons Unlimited California Traveler’s Meeting.

Clement's first trip of minor note was between junior and senior years at high school, when he and a friend took an NSU 250 and BMW R26 around much of western Europe. A year later he sold his NSU, bought a very used '51 Indian Chief and rode off to college. In '73 he was working at the US Embassy in Rome, decided to disemploy himself, and spent the next two years riding around the world, taking the Hippie Highway to Kathmandu, then Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Panama. For the past 30 years he has been filling blank pages in the moto-mags, and in between times taking little trips, like across Tibet, around Brazil, or along the U.S. Continental Divide from Canada to Mexico. He has said of the Continental Divide trip,

This was the best ride I have ever taken on the North American Continent. I’ve motorcycled from Alaska to Panama, from Nova Scotia to Baja California, and this trip topped them all.”


Clem will recount the trip accompanied by his slide show, and answer your questions.
Here’s a chance to get the first hand scoop on one of the great American adventure rides.

KG6BWS 20 Feb 2011 23:55

Been a lurker here for quite awhile, finally went ahead and registered.

Cant tell you how much Im looking forward to this. Cambria's only about a 3 to 4 hour ride away.

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