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JGBYJ 9 Aug 2010 02:42

Best route from Sask for the Nakusp meetup?
I'll be coming from Cabri Sk, I'm a long time lurker on ADVRider and occasionally over here, saw a post about the meetup a week ago, quit my job here and I'll be on my way as of Wednesday:) This will be a small budget trip for me, so I'm trying to avoid camping in anywhere I need to pay.
I don't have a very powerful or reliable bike, a 76 GS400 I got for 700$, with questionable brakes, a rapidly disintegrating seat pan and exhaust, and a scary noise from the engine above 7k RPM, and a healthy thirst for oil.
I'm trying to decide which would be the nicest route Highway 1 through Banff and then south on Nakusp highway, or the southern route(little bit on Hwy 1 then a lot on Hwy 3)
I'll be doing it split over two days, wed/Thursday, I'm ok with rough camping, I'll have a tarp and a blanket in my bag. I'm comfortable scrambling up onto hills etc beside the road with the bike so I don't need a designated camping area or anything like that.

Jantje 10 Aug 2010 00:38

I'm on my way also wednsday morning, stopping over in Golden or Field..whatever is closer.

NOTE- Don't take Hwy. 1 from Banff-Lake Louise, take the 1A and this way avoid some nasty construction between Banff etc.

If you have time drop by Johnstone Canyon. See you in Nakusp

Scrabblebiker 10 Aug 2010 00:56

Since you're trying to do wild camping I would recommend the southern route through Lethbridge and Cranbrook. The halfway point on the more northern route through Calgary and Banff puts you just outside Calgary or into National Parks where wild camping would be a challenge at best. You're also technically supposed to pay the park entrance fee if you're doing anything except driving straight through without stopping. But I suppose you might be able to find some hidden spot in the Kananaskis area.

The midway point for the southern route is roughly Fort McLeod and soon you'll be in the foothills an into BC. I personally find this route more interesting.


jordang 10 Aug 2010 05:49

I agree the Crowsnest route through Lethbridge is much nicer. Loads of places to pull off on a logging road and camp for the night. Hit Castlegar and go north, Hwy #1 will have lots of traffic and construction. Also when in doubt flip a coin and go with it. See ya there. Keep your eye out for another sask plate on a bike that has no business doing long distance. That will be me.

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