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Baron Bolton 8 Oct 2009 23:00

BBQ meet up, Sunday 18th October, Snohomish WA
Ahoy there.

I'm 6 months into a RTW bike trip, so far ridden across Europe, then Russia/Kazak/Mongolia/Siberia.

I'm staying in Seattle for a bit, and the gentleman I'm staying with has offered his place in Snohomish to host a BBQ thing.

So anyone that can make themselves available for the afternoon (meet up 1:30 ish) on Sunday 18th October, come along and blag some free food and bore people with motorcycle related natter.

Hamburgers and other hot munchies provided, bring a side dish or drink if you're feeling particularly generous.

Does that cover it? PM or email me baronbolton {at} hotmail [dot] com

Well, see you there!


61timm 14 Oct 2009 17:06


Is the BBQ still on for this coming weekend?

Baron Bolton 14 Oct 2009 18:30

Still on, contact me for the address...
Still on Timm, I've PM'd you with the address, any problems pelase let me know, PM, email or call.

I need to get some idea of numbers so we can get a sensible amount of food together, shall I add you to the list?

sordello 16 Oct 2009 10:01

Dang it -so cool!
I should show up for this. I am currently in Lakewood WA. Nice to be in the same place at the same time for a get together. In 3 weeks I will be riding back to El Paso!

Baron Bolton 17 Oct 2009 19:14

Good stuff, see you there...
sordello I've pm'd you with the address, be good to see you there.

We're aiming for 1:30 if that's any good for you. Praying this rain will be done by tomorrow. Forecast is....mixed. Probably showers if we're going to be realistic, but lets see.
We're overlanders damn it, and we're not afraid of a bit of precipitation!

DLbiten 19 Oct 2009 07:02

Blast I got lost grate ride but never did find the place. Fall is a nice time to ride a little wet but still good riding.

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