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tone-hd 29 Jun 2010 11:38

arriving in colorado next week from northern Ireland uk
Hello everyone.

Visiting my brother in Eagle Colorado 7-24 July and plan to go touring on the bike as well as spending time with him(though once I get on the bike he may just get to see me the day before I go home):biggrin3: I have a bike to use whilst there so no need to hire.

Would like to go see Alcatraz, :red_indian:Wounded knee, The alamo, historical sites etc...

Trying to coax my brother to join me even on part of the journey....but if I end up having to go alone is there anything I should be wary of?

Plan on pitching a tent so what are the campgrounds like? Are there any I should avoid??

Suggestions on routes, other interesting places anyone can recommend would be good to take in.

Any info or suggestions would be very much appreciated.

Northern Ireland, UK.

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