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rtwdoug 15 Mar 2011 14:06

HU Meeting Bulgaria May 27-29 2011
I hope everyone had a good winter, gathering visa's, outfitting your bikes, & staring at maps! (well, that's how I spent MY winter!)

Once again, we are hosting the HU Bulgaria meeting at Motocamp Bulgaria, and all are invited!

(well, by 'all' I mean the first 60 people to register) We are not a real big place, and last year, with 50 people, we were pretty close to full in the bar for the presentations.

Anyhow, registration is now open, and as before, Janos was the first to register. I think he must have had fun last year bier

If anyone wants to do a ride report, PLEASE DO! You get in for free, and trust me, you wont be any worse at it than I am!

We'll plan a couple rides again, like last year, maybe our fearless ride leader Anatoli's bike wont break this time!

I have requested some better weather for this year, lets hope its not on backorder!

And you will get to see the first Harley to try to make it to Magadan, I leave after the meeting. (well, at least I HOPE it makes it there!)

If you want a room (we have added more rooms since last year) please contact Poly (details on the BG Meeting page)

if you are camping, no worries, we wont run out of tent spaces!

Ride safe this summer, & hope to see you soon!


All the details and Registration on the Bulgaria Meeting webpage

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