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Caminando 29 Aug 2007 01:11

Horizons Portugal -Obrigado!
If you weren't at this meet then here's how it was...

*Gois is a friendly place, as is Coimbra nearby, where you can pick up CDs of Fado music.

*The country round Gois is really nice, with clear rivers + pine and eucalyptus forests.

*the talks were sparkling, informative and fun.

*our Portugese HUBBer friends were perfect hosts.

*Many talks were in English, but if not, then Portugese was just fine.

*the Gois food was terrific, everyone going down to the bar/restaurant for top local food. The HUBB people spilled out into the alleys round the resto, and big trips were discussed...crashes in Scotland on the way to the Iceland ferry, and Africa north to south..

So if you want to enjoy a fine country and very hospitable people next year, forget oiling the garden gate and going down to the local supermarket on your expensive overland bike... get down to Gois for some quality time. Spain is great on the way to Portugal, as is France.....you cant go wrong!

Obrigado to our Portugese friends!!!!!

Antonio 31 Dec 2007 19:36

You're allways welcome
When someone does his best to put up something for others it is rewarding to see comments like yours.

Knowing that there's allways room for improvement I'll try all my best to grant a few well spent days over here.

Happy New Year to you all

Antonio Caldeira

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