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jenros 1 Apr 2009 00:47

zumo questions
hi there,
just purchased a garmin zumo 550,i want it powered through my bike (vfr 800, 2003.)where do i make the connection,can i just join it up to the battery???.
also i have seen these stainless steel sat nav gismos ball type thingy ma giggy!!!!. it fits on top of the yoke,whats your views on these?
thanks .:helpsmilie:

motoreiter 1 Apr 2009 04:40

google the zumo forum, they have install instructions for many types of bikes.

Big Yellow Tractor 1 Apr 2009 06:57

I have an optimate charger tail connected to my battery and hook up to that. Direct to battery is fine; the garmin lead I have is fused.

TheEnglishman 1 Apr 2009 08:49

The zumo bracket can start corroding around the power pins if it's left powered all the time. It's noticable around the gold pins on the left - greenish oxide appears. Best to treat the contacts with a little light oil (3-in-1) or similar

jenros 2 Apr 2009 01:18

hi ,
thanks for the replys,thought i would have had it delivered today,but no joy.i will have a look on the zumo site,also i have a optimate fitted to the bike,sounds my best idea,
thanks very much,
havin a blast through france next week,my first proper trip on the bike since i have had it,and ive never been before, i cant wait, hope it stays fine!!!!

criboun 4 Apr 2009 18:20

You can connect direct to the battery. The live should have an inline fuse to stop any power surges blowing it up though.

I have the Garmin ball-socket mount and find it works fine.


Greasy Sprocket

DAVSATO 5 Apr 2009 11:22

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put an accessory socket on your bike, then you can run all sorts of stuff. put a plug on the end of the bikemount power lead and bobs your uncle.
it is not a good idea to leave the mount on the bike permanently because the ram mount system is easy to remove and a new cradle from garmin will be expensive!
the zumo is very heavy for a gps so the ram system has a hard time keeping the whole thing steady if you put it horizontal, road bumps can knock it at an angle. better to have it as vertical as you can.
try and put it in your line of sight so you dont have to move your head to see it

jenros 25 Apr 2009 20:11

thanks for your replys, i fitted it to the clutch lever mount which came with the zumo,which was ok for my trip to france.my mate let me borrow his tank bag which was great,but it was at a certain angle on the bike which annoyed the hell out of me all the trip,but having said that the mount that i ordered for the trip (didnt arrive in time)would have been a bit of out of sight on the yoke coz the tank bag was quite large and you would have to push your self forward to look at the zumo every once in a while.i now got the mount and it fits perfectly, looks like part of the bike . i wont put it back on the clutch bracket again,im quite happy as it is now, thanks guys

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