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Baron Bolton 17 Sep 2009 04:20

XR650R Erratic idle problem

I bought a Honda XR650R a couple of days ago, and after a sweet test ride with no issues at all, it's now started having issues with idle speed.

It idles all over the place, usually really high. Sitting at lights, and my bike's revving through the roof.
If I rev it a bit higher, and shut off, it tends to chill down a bit.
It might rev at a sensible speed for a while, then just speed right up.

It can also rev high, then drop down quick and stall.

So I figured it much be something to do with jets or mix or something, and today I stripped the carb down and cleaned jets and anything that moves.
This helped a bit, but still far from healthy. The problem persists.

I've read people online recommending valve clearances, specifically the exhaust. Some folks say it's the throttle cable routing. But no one seems to have any definitive advice, it all seems to be a bit vague.

What can you add to this? Has anyone else had this problem, and solved it?

sansom33 26 Sep 2009 21:00

I had this problem with an xr that had low comprssion. Would not hold a steady idle.:scooter:

Baron Bolton 1 Oct 2009 04:51

Figured out
So I finally resolved this problem, with some celebrity HU help from Grant Johnson himself.

The problem was down to crap in the carb. I'd already stripped down and cleaned the carb three times, but on the fourth (following Grants advice) I removed every little piece, and cleared every last orifice and hole.
So that did it.

Cheers Grant

*Touring Ted* 20 Oct 2009 22:53

If its EU spec it will probably need a larger pilot jet..

Sorted mine out. They are stupidly lean from the factory.

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