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Pigford 10 Jul 2011 16:44

XR400R - Wheels transplant - CRM ????
I was after a spare set of wheels for my 2000 XR400R, and found a decent set of late 1990's CRM wheels complete with discs, good tyres and sprox on eBay.

I got them for £100 and thought I'd take the risk they'd fit OK. So today I did the swap around and can report that it was a success

The only difference being the CRM rear sprox fixing is with slightly larger bolts than my XR. I used the XR bolts to fit my 44t XR sprox and that was that The axels are the same diameter, so just had to use the XR parts & spacers.

Now I'll get a set of more road biased tyres fitted to the original wheels so I can swap about to suit, as the knobblies don't last too well on my "to & from work" trips!

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