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pottsy 31 Jul 2007 21:32

XR400 oil capacity?
Just a general query! I realise that the XR range of engines is of the semi-competition type i.e. small oil capacity thus light weight, but requiring very regular changes. But as the XR400 has an oil-cooler the capacity must be (slightly) larger, so is the oil-change interval greater? Just trying to figure if the XR400 lump is more suitable for longer road trips.

martync 1 Aug 2007 11:05

Oil capacity is quite a bit 1.8 - 2 litres and a lot more than the likes of a CRF.

I don't think you need to change the oil for a few thousand miles (also spark plug).Honda recommend 30 days of operation or 1000 miles. (must be slow doing 1000 miles in a month)
Burning fuel with a standard tank may be the only thing holding you back.
Valves are also 1000 miles and can be a pain to adjust

Pretty unburstable and many go RTW on the 250

JMo (& piglet) 3 Aug 2007 01:09

I've done over 20,000 miles on my 03 reg XR400R now...

I've changed the oil and filter every 1,000 miles - although you can stretch this a little with no real ill effects - in Morocco last year I did around 1500+ before a change.

The book says 1.9 litre oil capacity with a filter change - although this doesn't show very high on the dipstick, so I've always put in 2.0 litres with a new filter and it's been fine.

In reply to Martync's comments - the 30 days/1000 miles recommendation is Honda presuming the bike is being used for competition style riding (weekend play/enduro events etc) - But it's not either or - you can't ride it for 30 days if you're doing 200 miles a day for example, basically you should change the oil at 1000 miles whether you do it in a day or a month. It's especially important in hot climates and hard/off-road conditions, as the air-cooled motor will work the oil harder.

Also, the valves are straightforward once you find TDC - again the service schedule in the handbook is based on competition riding - when ridden at trail speeds/revs, I've just needed to check and adjust the valves once a year (my local mechanic recommend that) and it's been fine...


pottsy 3 Aug 2007 13:31

Cheers JMo (+Piglet),i've only had experience of the 250 (in Thailand) so the 400 info is much appreciated. Have you done any touring on said beast, if so how does the subframe hold up? Reason i ask is that on my return to the UK next year - poss bikeless - i'll poss be looking at an xr4 as they're relatively plentiful here.:thumbup1:

JMo (& piglet) 3 Aug 2007 21:31

Hi Pottsy - I've not really toured as such on the XR400 - only travelled light with a rucksack and creditcard...

The seat subframe is steel (unlike the 650 which is alloy), but is still relatively lightweight - I bent mine after a big 'off' jumping dunes in Morocco last year - not badly, but it need straightening with a big chunk of 2x2 wood when I got home.

The handbook says the maximum load is 100Kg, so you can't really load it up with much - although XR's Only do a billet aluminium rack for both the XR250/400 and 650R - which would take a tailpack or tent etc. I imagine.

I'd also thing that lightly loaded soft bags/panniers would be ok, but the seat subframe is only held on with 3x M6 bolts - I think you would be wise to beef up the mountings and use bigger bolts - I think Overland Solutions might be able to help with that sort of thing?


DavePortugal 4 Aug 2007 08:36

I change the oil on my XRs after every 20 hours of use and filter every other change. This is for 90% off-road work so you could easily go far longer without a problem. Valves just when they need doing, which isn't that often really and it's very simple to do. The subframes are rubbish as are the OE handlebars but everything else is super tough and very reliable. I use a 15 litre tank which easily gives 220km+ range in the dirt. With a few small mods the 400 should do you nicely Pottsy.

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