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Warthog 30 Aug 2009 16:49

XR 400 ACerbis tank: Fit other Hondas?
Having looked at the Acerbis website, I did not get a clear answer.

So, can you tell me if the 22 litre tank that resides on my XR400 would fit other Hondas?

Several of their singles have the central frame spar, dry sump design, so perhaps with different mounting bracket plates, it could fit any of those.

I am particularly interested in the Honda Dominator.

Do you know?

Wide Phil 30 Aug 2009 18:57

Have you checked this out
Acerbis gas tank for NX 500/650 Dominator 92-03

Dazzerrtw 30 Aug 2009 19:41

The 22lt Acerbis Tank on my XR400 will fit the XR 250+ the XR 600.

Warthog 30 Aug 2009 20:37


Looks like I may have to sell the tank as I am considering an early Transalp or Dommie to replace the lumbar destroying XR, and i had hoped to be able to use it on the new steed.

Tank range is not easy to abandon once you are used to it.

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