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lee5500 29 May 2004 23:22

Where can I buy an XR650L?
I have searched the HUBB and web for a contact but just can't find an importer. Any good places to get decent second hand ones (<20,000km)? I have eventually settled on this bike for definite, the money is ready, the only thing left now is where the hell to get one from!! Help much appreciated.

RichLees 30 May 2004 19:22

there's a parallel import shop that sometimes has them new. either DK or KJM, I think.
Jim at www.hondashop.com.au might be able to help you find and import one either new or secondhand.
failing that, I might be prepared to sell you mine. its fully prepped, but got more kms than your "limit": 38,000. if you want to talk about it call me on 07963-252442. unless you want the cost and thrill of setting up (and potentially messing up) your own project, you'd do better to buy a prepped one cos there's a lot to be done!!

lee5500 1 Jun 2004 18:50

Thanks for the info I'll give it a go. Thanks for the offer of the bike as well but I have a high milage bike now and want to upgrade. Anyway, preping bikes and messing it up is what I live for. Cheers.

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