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lee5500 29 Jul 2004 00:26

What should I be paying for this XR650L?
Any guidance would be much appreciated as it could well stop me paying over the odds as I have no experience of this bike.

1997 XR650L 11,000 miles. It appears to be very clean with no real overland type mods to it other than a twin headlamp. I can't ride it as it is up for auction but it looks in very good nick. The starting price is 1,800 pounds and a rough idea of what it is likely to be worth would be a real help.
Thanks in advance.

RichLees 29 Jul 2004 04:27

1800 sounds a fair whack. I wouldn't go beyond 2k even if you've fallen in love with it.
bear in mind that, as standard, its not much better than a tenere. in some ways, such as tank size, its worse so leave yourself a grand or two to prep it according to what you plan on doing. it cost me 2k to set it up with 43 litre tank, panniers on good racks, GPS ...

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