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martync 18 May 2006 22:32

welding the frame

Stuck in mud hot and bothered i stuck my XR400 on it's stand to try and boot it into life before my own body gave up the ghost, last go and i fall with the stand snapping-what a crap day- rain etc.. anyway got it home and now need to weld the framewhere the stand bolts onto it, if I get an electric welder take off tank, drain carb and take out CDI, is it going to fy anything in the way of electrics etc.. I recall a mate frying his years ago undertaking the same thing and it needed numerous electrical parts. i have a sick bandit and can't afford to mess up the XR too!

any problems?

RichLees 18 May 2006 22:40

personally, I'd go with taking off the CDI, but wouldn't worry about the fuel tank. on my XRL, I disconnected the battery, but left the CDI connected - no drama

Sjoerd Bakker 19 May 2006 12:54

welding the frame
And drain the carbs too before you start.
You do not want to set your bike on fire which is a definite possibility with feul vapours coming from the breather tubes or spilled gasoline.
In'96 I broke the rear subframe on my airhead R100 while in El Salvador . A road building project work camp had a welder and they were happy to help. I left the tank on the bike and when the welder was finished I looked down and saw a nice little flame at the bottom end of the tank breather hose down by the swingarm. Quickly snuffed it out with no big fire , but a close call.
Disconnect the battery and place the ground clamp as close to the welding area as possible.

oldbmw 19 May 2006 22:05

In my view you should disconnect and insulate both battery terminal lead sets.
you are mig welding and not stick welding. they a bit fierce on frame tubes.
tig is also ok, but i prefer mig fro this application. make sure yo well ventilated, and just in case.. do not have the bike between you and your escape route :)

Bill Ryder 20 May 2006 05:35

Welding up bikes
just a note on welding. I routinely weld with a wire feed welder on four wheelers that have engines like the 660 yamaha. No problem there. I also have stripped down and prepped for welding eight honda GL1800, these have a aluminum frame so I pull the CDI and unbolt and insulate the major gound and both battery connectors and the wires to the alternator. When in doubt do a little extra teardown and isolation of electrical components. It's also nice to have someone standing by with a fire extingisher or a fabric tarp to smoother the flames. Watch the battery vent tube also, even a small battery sounds like a gun shot when it explodes from a welder spark igniting the fumes in the vent tube.....and how do I know that you might ask?

martync 5 Jun 2006 21:16

all went fine, I drained the carb and took the cdi out also took off the tank and all is now stronger than before

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