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karter257 19 Aug 2007 19:00

VFR750 any one been any distance on one?
After a lot of thought and even spending £400 on a BMW off road skills course in Wales to test the F650GS I have decided to go with what I've got, what I know and what I love i.e. my 11 year old VFR 750 FT with 60000 miles.

Just wondered if any one else been any distance on one of these and ideally through Turkey, Pakistan, India, Iran etc?

Sure I won't be able to go major off roading (I've tested it one a gravel farm track and it can be done if not with much confidence) so I'll be sticking to tarmac. Is that viable through the Middle East?

Mods todate:

rechromed and new seals to front suspension
reconditioned reshock
recent head bearings
replaced exhuast with welded up second hand one
regulator/rectifier replaced 10k miles ago - voltmeter fitted to help monitor charging system
Kolpin fuel and water junior pacs installed ether side front fairing lowers
Givi plastic hard luggage
ScotOiler (with high capacity kit to be fitted shortly)
ScotOiler easy thumb rest for throttle
Garmin GPS
Heated grips
12v power points
TonyArcher seat with gel pad
Maplin motorcycle alarm
refreshed wheels
recent new front brake discs
pillion heated grips (hopefully ex-girlfriend going to join me for parts)
touring screen with adjustable trim
Pen holder :-)

apart from a good service (filters, oils, tyres) anything else recommended?

bruceontheloose 20 Aug 2007 05:28

Sounds like quite a well speced bike. I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

I'm not qualified to answer your questions about the roads through the areas you mentioned but I have done a number of kms on a VFR800 (2000 model)

I know this is a little different to your 750 but i expect the experience would be similar. I did about 50000kms on it including riding across Australia (10 000kms i think). Most of those roads were of pretty good quality (for aussie) however I would have clocked a few thousand on gravel roads on which i felt pretty confident - adjust your speed acordingly, ride smoothly - accelerating/braking/cornering and relax.. Never been in mud (won't get far) and soft sand definitely not ideal.

The only issue of big kms on the VFR (completely stock) i found were the seat and getting a sore neck - handlebar raisers might be a good idea for comfort.


DAVSATO 29 Aug 2007 17:50

ive been on long distance trips on my sportsbike without any problems. obviously tyres, brakes, chain and engine oil wear out in a shorter time because you are doing, eg, four months riding in as many weeks, but if the bike is generally reliable in everyday use, then it should be fine.
sounds like youve prepared it well, go for it mate

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