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pictish 23 Jan 2011 00:37

UK africa twin xrv.org site issues/attack
Hi all just recieved this in my email from the Uk africa twin/honda trail bike forum, I have not been on the site for a while but it was agreat place to go for info on Ats, transalps ect and all things involving them. Kinda strange someone would target the site for hacking, and the site is now down. Wish them all the best in getting to a new server.

Dear xxxx,
Some of you may know that we've been battling with ever determined hackers all this week and its been a very testing time. Although the intention of the hackers has been to distribute a virus they have managed to get access to the back end databases that store usernames, email addresses and encrypted versions of users passwords. For this reason I felt that I should email to let you know. Real names, Postal addresses and paypal details are not stored on the server and have not been put at risk.
Whilst the password are stored in an encrypted format I would never recommend you have the same password in use across websites I'm aware that some people may do so and you should therefore change your password on those sites as a precaution just be sure.
I am shutting down the site on a nightly basis to control the chance of hacking and since doing so we have seen no further attacks.
We are in the process of starting afresh and will be moving the forum to new servers shortly.
The offers of help and the words of support have been most welcome and have helped me to get through the last few days, so thank you.
Lastly please accept my sincere apologies for the hassle this has caused you and I hope we'll be through this in the next few days and can put this behind us.
Kind regards,
(Site Owner)

PS If you would like your account closed as you no longer use the site then just reply and it will be actioned.

deenewcastle 23 Jan 2011 11:06

The F650 Forum which is run on the same server I believe is also under attack. Isn't it comforting to know that the world is overflowing with well intentioned people :(

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