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Maatle 1 Sep 2011 08:04

Tyre change in Egypt
Hi there
I will be travelling with my Africa Twin from Zurich to Capetown and wonder if it is smart to start with street tyres and to change to intermediate enduro tyres (e.g. Conti TKC 80) in Cairo.

I further wonder whether I shall carry the enduro tyres with me the whole way from Zurich or whether it would work out to order tyres in Cairo.

Does anybody know an address in Cairo where I get Conti TKC 80's for my Africa Twin?

I would very much appreciate any tips.


traveller1041 4 Sep 2011 18:29

Tyres Africa twin

I would go with intermediates from begining and get some
more spare tyres in cairo.

I done a trans-africa 2006 on my RD07 twin left UK and changed
tyres in Ghana Accra Mitchelin didnt let me down but glad i took
a spare set....here is a link on Horizons regarding Tyres and places
to stay...You may want to take spare chain sprockets and front sprocket
retaining clip...

You will not have trouble getting tyres in Egypt...Good Luck


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