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chris 12 Apr 2005 01:19

Transalp: Spongey steering?!
I have a 87 TA. The steering is a little "spongey". The bit where the handlebar mounts go into the top yoke is the culprit. Are they usually this wobbly? (The nuts underneath are tight). Do I need new OEM rubberised mounts? Is there an aftermarket solution?

Steering onroad is fine, if wierd. Precise offroad steering likely to be very "interesting" http://www.horizonsunlimited.com/ubb/wink.gif

Any input appreciated.


chris 12 Apr 2005 01:31

Found this in German on www.transalp.de in their FAQs. It pretty much answers my question, except for the bit about aftermarket solutions:

Ist die Gummiaufnahme des Lenkers ausgeleiert, wird das Lenkgefühl recht wabbelig. Dummerweise gibt es die Gummibuchsen nicht einzeln, sondern nur zusammen mit der oberen Gabelbrücke. Durch Metall sollte man den Gummi nicht ersetzen, da sonst starke Vibrationen am Lenker auftreten. Die Buchsen lassen sich aber ganz gut aus Druckschlauch nachschnitzen. Durch Unterlegscheiben M20 (oder selbstgedrehte Scheiben, Aussendurchmesser 32mm, Innendurchmesser 19mm, Stärke 4mm) lässt sich der Gummi auch ausser Kraft setzen.

PS I am bilingual in German


LordStig 12 Apr 2005 19:36

Yes, I had this problem and also solved it using washers (I think they are M20). The vibration didn't seem to get any worse, but the directness of the steering was a revalation after the bendy feeling the soft rubbers produced. Oddly, off-road was not a problem; in fact, when rocks deflect the front wheel on rocky tracks it was better.

The rubber mounting on the mirrors eventually disintegrates in a similar way to the bar mounts. I got by this by pouring the thin silicon winscreen sealant in - this is thin enough to consolidate the rubber. I suspect pouring in one of the really thin epoxy (cross-linked polymer type)could solve bothe the bar mounts and the mirrors, but I haven't tried it. Good luck!


P.S., Ich sprech nur Saarlaendisch (Deitsch!)....

chris 18 Apr 2005 20:15

ended up using m18 washers with an inside diameter of 18.74 (aren't digital veneer (sp?) calipers great?) and all worked well.


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