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Crusty 24 Aug 2009 21:11

TA rear shock spring
Hi all,

I'm looking to change the rear spring on my '99 Transalp 600. Just the spring, the shock's still good. I've been thinking about a heavier duty spring as I mostly ride two up, fully loaded and it needs the preload wound right up to cope.

Anybody know where I might get an HD replacement? Not had much luck searching around the net.

I like the look of the Hyperpro spring, which is progressive but, I'm guessing, the same rating as standard?

Any TA pilots out there fitted the Hyperpro? If so, how do you find it, especially two up and loaded?

klaus 24 Aug 2009 23:59

Rear suspension etc.
Hi there "Crusty",

I own a 1991 / 92 Honda TA 400ccm (for the Japanese market). I upgraded the fork springs this year with "Wir..." from Germany - and it definitely made a big difference. Next will be the rear "business", too. I will be going for a "Wilb....", which seems to be a good deal. For more info, please check this item Wilbers Federbein Honda XL600V XL 600 V Transalp Typ540 bei eBay.de: Markenspezifische Teile (endet 29.08.09 17:27:00 MESZ). Probably it would be best to get with this company directly - better price?!?!?!

Hoping that this will help you a little, safe riding!!!

Crusty 25 Aug 2009 21:24

Hi Klaus,

I found the company website from your link and they do a combination front fork/rear spring kit-which they will tailor to the weight you specify..! Good price too.

Once again the HUBB delivers.

I love it here..!

Thanks again Klaus.

goodwoodweirdo 26 Aug 2009 16:17

I did the same on my 91 AT ... I contacted Touratech and they recommended the heaviest spring rate. Remember these guys might be expensive but for these issues they do have plenty of experience. I simply fitted it onto my old shock, taking the time to clean everything and check for leaks.

OK so I rode my bike fully loaded with my wife on the back, no problems at all, she even commented it was far more comfortable than on the standard unit with the bike unloaded. I also fitted worth front springs and again TT recommended oil weight...

Incredible difference, but of course someone would agree the old parts where indeed old and its all new !!

Hope this helps a little

Wide Phil 26 Aug 2009 20:07

An alternative and cheaper thing than wilbers could be something like this
K-Tech Suspension, road race and offroad motorcyle suspension
Have your existing upgraded

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