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Cugel 1 Oct 2006 10:36

starting an XR600 after a year long layup
Hi All,

I came back from a Morocco trip last October. Parked up my XR600R in my dry and warm garage and its been sitting there ever since.

I got promoted at work, have been mega busy and ... well you know the rest. Have not had time to do anything to it except every now and then sit on it, close my eyes and pretend I'm blasting along a piste. I pump the kick-starter now and then, but have not actually started the bike all year.

It looks like I will go back to Morocco in April. I'm beginning the prep.. So my question is:

What, if anything should I do before starting after a year's layup?

As I said, the garage is dry and warm - never damp. Should I drop a bit of Redex in there before starting? Advice welcome.


beat_ 1 Oct 2006 10:50

drain the carburetor
check the petroltank (water)
check tires (squarenes and presure)
check brakes
if you did not put it away with new oil -> replace oil (after warming up)

Cugel 1 Oct 2006 11:10

but before the oil change?
Thanks Beat - its going to have a good service, and the first job will be to change the oil. My point is I suppose, after a year's layup, is there anything I should do to ensure that the oil that's in there gets to the right places while I'm warming it up for the oil change. That's why I was thinking maybe a drop of redex in the cylinder, then crank it over to force the oil over any dry bits before starting. Is this over the top?

Cugel 1 Oct 2006 12:21

ah, maybe I see ...
Just thinking about your reply beat. Perhaps its your way of saying that the XR lump is so agricultural and tough, that there is nothing special I need to do?

backofbeyond 2 Oct 2006 13:24

Just did that with mine a week ago which had not been used for well over a year.
Drained the float bowl (need to do that if it's not been used for a week nevermind a year)
Turned on petrol tap to refill carb. Went through XR cold start proceedure (kick engine over half a dozen times with decompressor in, flick choke on, position piston just past tdc on compression stroke)
Engine started second kick as it usually does. Still using the year old petrol

beat_ 2 Oct 2006 14:12


Originally Posted by Cugel
Just thinking about your reply beat. Perhaps its your way of saying that the XR lump is so agricultural and tough, that there is nothing special I need to do?


there is nothing special I need to do
:yes: :scooter:

mollydog 3 Oct 2006 03:55

I would drain the carb bowl and see how the fuel looks and smells.
Your UK fuel is a lot better than our US stuff so even after a year
I wouldn't worry too much. If it smells off, then drain the tank too.
I'll bet its OK.

Definitley kick it over a bunch to circulate oil and achieve oil pressure in
the top end. The Valve gear will be a bit dry. 20 to 25 easy kicks with
compression release in should do it.

Start it, warm up and change out the oil and filter. Clean it up some, inflate
tires and load her up! Lets Go! :thumbup1:


Cugel 4 Oct 2006 07:42

start me up
OK, Thanks Guys. I am reassured. The petrol is Moroccan, so will donate it to some needy chav.


Stephano 4 Oct 2006 10:08


Originally Posted by Cugel
The petrol is Moroccan

Wow! What kind of fuel economy are you getting out of that bike or is it a large tank?

Cugel 4 Oct 2006 13:59

big tank
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Ah Stephano,

No secret there - the bike came up from Malaga to the UK in a van. For the last trip it had a 21 l. Acerbis tank. Still, it has a pretty big tank now; a 36 l. job which I think may have been made originally by African Queens. I bought it off Nick Palmer (of Desert Rats) who was selling it for Richard Fair. Richard used it in the Dakar (late 90's I think). It needed a fair bit of repair work. This, some crash guards and a carbon bash-plate was made up by the excellent "DOME Motorsport." Denis Osborne at DOME did the prep on Mick Extance's bike.

I've been working on a colour scheme. Was thinking of late 80s Honda Rally colours: white with red, light blue and dark blue bands. What do you guys think?

Also, got a Mikuni flatslide to fit at some point, though I'm tempted to get an Edelbrock. I fancy some Pivot Pegz too, but I don't think they make them for an XR600. Toys, toys ....


Stephano 4 Oct 2006 18:20

Nice bike.

I put a Mikuni on my XR400 and it was perhaps the best thing I did to it. Never had a problem starting it, even after dumping it hot on a dune; great throttle response too. I only heard negative things about Edelbrock and I'll always trust what the guys at XRs Only recommend.

Sadly the bike was stolen in February but a CRF is hopefully going to replace it. :D

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