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martync 18 Aug 2004 06:30

Ive seen an srl65 for sale and I', quite interested, just wondered if ther popular and what there good at etc. Ive not seen one before but the engine looks like a domie engine, infact the bike seems to be a Dommie without all the pannels, is this correct?

Steve Pickford 18 Aug 2004 13:43

SLR frame is a bit different to the Dommie. Other differences include a different but equally small tank & a 19" front wheel instead of the Dommie's 21". Originally built in Spain & called the 650 Vigor, there were a few quality control issues with the first ones.

We hired a couple in Tenerife & covered 600km through the mountains. They make good road bikes but were crap when I ventured down a logging track. Quite quick steering & the smaller front wheel led to a feeling of instability at anything more than walking pace - not nice.

I could imagine that it would cost a reasonable amount to convert one to anything approaching overland spec. Better off with a Dommie IMO.

martync 20 Aug 2004 18:52

cheers steve, will stick to looking for a new Dommie, they seem to be OK for UK trails (in summer anyway)

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