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tigs 7 Mar 2012 14:50

Service manual for fx650/vigor
Hi guys,

Does anyone know where I can purchase a service manual for my honda vigor (fx 650). I've tried several downloads online and ordering cd's on line but have never been sent the correct manual.

As far as I'm aware the vigors frame suspension and engine are the same as the SLR650-the only difference being the plastics and the exhaust pipes. I think the vigor manual is the SLR650 manual with a FX addendum so I would equally be happy to purchase an slr650 manual.

Any ideas?

Cheers all
Alex :scooter:

tobyyarwood 18 Mar 2012 23:39

I've got one..
It's a pdf of a copy from some kind guy last year. Happy to email it to you, tobyyarwood@mac.com

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