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Robbo 20 Mar 2001 04:40

Replacement Dominator exhausts
Can anybody tell me who makes/supplies replacement exhaust systems for my recently aquired 1996 NX650 Dommie?
(Stainless steel preferably).
Cheers, Robbo.

Håkan Bäckman 22 Mar 2001 04:49

Arrow Paris Dakar is a very nice one... a removable insert makes it stelthy and when you take it out you can terrify children with it... gains heaps of power with it too.. i loved my dommie after i changed to one..

Huan 26 Mar 2001 02:32

I have a Supertrapp in Stainless which saves a pile of weight is fairly tough and gives a good bit more power.Try WWW.supertrapp.com

peter slarke 22 Jan 2002 13:29

thought that in the uk the only replacement system was made by laser. you had to pick legal or race. how loud the race is i dont know cos suppliers dont have info on this. the arrow system sounds better. where can i get one and how much. would really appreciate this info and any more

ben south 24 Jan 2002 16:08

Arrow exhausts available from David Lambeth engineering Crowborough, nr Tunbridge wells. Good solid exhaust but was hard to fit to our 98 dommie.

wbagwell 25 Jan 2002 01:43

Did a search on Google for Dominator exhausts and found these: http://www.giannelli-direct.co.uk/index.htm

nx650 25 Jan 2002 08:03

Forget spending big money take off your two cans cut one open pull out all the insides (just a load of baffleing) put the end back on weld the two pipes into one and it's done you'l save about 8 kg and mine gained 7 bhp on a dyno not to mention you've still got a spare can any half compitant welder can do it. cheers Rich ps it sounds great as well

gozell 3 Sep 2002 20:28

I actually got a EGU replacement exhaust (http://www.egu-motoren.de/) for the dommie some time ago, last weekend i took it to a dyno bench and the power and torque is really horrible (max 35hp)... This guy told me that for 1 cil its always better to have to exhausts instead of one, if you want a bit more and gruntier sound then all you need to do is drill a few 5mm holes around the nozzle om the orginal exhaust. Having done that, it does sound a lot gruntier and for a change it really goes as well!

I going to put it on a dyno again this weekend (35euro), drop me a line if you are interested... Can provide some pics on the exhaust and power/torque graph.

And eerrrh, this 2 int 1 EGU exhaust is for sale! anyone?

Robbo 17 Sep 2002 06:09

Thanks for all the suggestions guys.
Have repaired the original for now.
Await the results of dyno test from gozell.
Should be interesting!

gozell 23 Sep 2002 18:27



for the dyno results on the EGU vs modified orginal exhaust... The increase in torque is really noticable, not so much increase in top power but over the whole revs range there is about 5hp more available...

does anyone has a dyno of a stock nx650?

gozell 23 Sep 2002 18:32

forget above link



rob46 30 Jan 2003 21:15

The information on dommie exhausts is a little confusing. I think it depends on which country your in too.

I know of another exhaust by Predator. From Herts in England. Its a 2-2 stainless steel job. I go to predator for my MOT's but never got round to asking them about it. Probaly cause its quite pricey!

I have the originals still on my dommie, but they are on the way out through corrosion. I was thinking about the Laser, but i'm not sure about the legal or road version. I can't find out any info on it either. The only thing im worried about is upsetting the running by fitting a new pipe. I currently have it ticking over very nicely and i don't want to end up running on dynos, so it runs correctly.

Does anyone else have a Laser Pro'duro on their dommies?

Tony Robson 31 Jan 2003 17:16

I know it's a different bike but I have just fitted a new Stainless Steel system on my XTZ660 - makes them for any bike - from


Bit pricey but a quality product.

rob46 31 Jan 2003 23:28

Had a look at that link and saw the pic of the dommie. Looks quite big eh?! Tony, how much did the system cost you, if you don't mind me asking.

Been looking at the Arrow Paris Dakar for the dommie. Can anyone tell me how loud it is. Is it likely to attract old bill in town? Looks like quite a nice pipe at a decent price too. I've heard the Laser ones affect the jetting setup a bit, although i can't remember where i got that information.

If anyone has any advice on the Laser / Arrow i would love to hear about it.


Tony Robson 4 Feb 2003 20:41


Originally posted by rob46:
Had a look at that link and saw the pic of the dommie. Looks quite big eh?! Tony, how much did the system cost you, if you don't mind me asking.
don't know how the size compares to the original 2 pipes of the dommie but my XTZ660 is exactly the same size as the original and sounds very nice, not too loud though. Cost - 360 GBP plus postage. Fits like a dream (couple of minor alterations).

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