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kevinhancock750 23 Jan 2009 20:23

changed the rectifier about 7000 miles ago and its gone again! was the original when i changed it at twenty something thousand miles. i mounted a pattern part and its only lasted about 7k miles! it blew after a long cold ride with my heated grips flat out! i just fitted another pattern one but it's showing 15v at tickover without lights on! put the lights on and it's 13.4v. any ideas? is 15 really too much?

Xander 24 Jan 2009 10:14

Hey Kevin,
If i remember correctly you ride an AT, but I cant rmemeber if it is an Rd04 r rd07, the haynes manual says that for both the voltage runs from 14-15V at 5000 rpm. If you are running a rd03 it is 13.5-15.5 at 5000 rpm.. So right now at least you are fine. HOWEVER, having gone though the same thing jsut recently.. with in two weeks that 15v went up to 19V... So a couple of questions where are you running your grips from? is it relay stwiched. if not do it. also I found that there were several shorts in my oem woring loom that required a complete rewire because i was pumping to much back in to the frame. you many want to check this as well.. also if all looks fine but you are still worried I have a flow sheet that will tell you what to check and when to narrow down the problem (here: http://hondanighthawks.net/electrical_fault_finding.pdf). Finally what rectifier did you go with? I went electrex world one and they have been good. Good luck and feel free to ask more if you need.

kevinhancock750 26 Jan 2009 18:27

silly boy me!! yes it's an AT rd-07.:innocent:
the heated grips are straight to the battery with the wiring that cames with them as per instructions,not sure what make rectifier though. it looks like the old rectifier has cooked itself and the seal on the back has opened up and left all the crap in from the rear wheel! kept receipt for this one though!!!

Kennichi 26 Jan 2009 20:28

You want to move the reg/rec over to the left side, then put some cush rubbers on it and then a CPU fan from a PC they are 12VDC and should wire into the battery wire a battery into the rear lights so the fan only comes on when the lights are on.

The less you need to run through a reg/rec ie the less your battery needs to be charged the less stress gets put on it and the less electrical energy it has to dissipate as heat...

On the RD04 you can stick it right next to the air intake, as the carb 'sucks' air in across the reg/rec surface you lose a tiny bit of power doing this though as cool air burns better than warm air.

kevinhancock750 8 Feb 2009 10:52

another one bites the dust!!!
broke down yesterday on way to the dragon rally! think i have a problem somewhere or the rectifier from m and p is cheap sh*t! maybe i need to upgrade the generator as i've only had this problem since fitting heated grips!

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