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Nannup 17 Feb 2003 19:00

Problems with Transalp at high altitude ???

has anyone experience with the Transalp 650 (or the 600) between 4000 and 5500m above sea level ?

Still running OK ? Different setup (air filter, carbs, etc.) ?


Simon Kennedy 26 Feb 2003 13:46

All bikes with carbs will perform a little less well, including the TA, high up.

I've been pretty high in Pakistan and Nepal. I found that there was a definite loss of power, but nothing disasterous. Others have been less effected.

Keep that filter clean (better still, fit a K&N one); take off the rear leftside faring and, if things get too bad, you could drill some holes in the plastic around the filter.

But changing the jets? Hardly worth it, unless you're spending weeks up at that altitude. My only suggestion would be not to go with a GS owner: the gloating about fuel injection will be unbearable.

Nannup 28 Feb 2003 20:04

Thanks Simon.

We are on Transalp 650s and i have decided just to wait and see what's happening in Nepal/India/Pakistan.

We are in Bangkok at the moment and Ennio is still here !!!


freshslice 12 Oct 2009 17:14

That was four years ago... how did it go?

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