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anaconda moto 18 Apr 2010 13:37

Oil in a honda tornado xr 250
Hello hubbers,

I am going to change the oil from my bike,
Honda tornado xr 250 (made in brasil), but can not find how
much oil execly does go in!
I think 1.8 L ,but like to be sure....
So does anyone know? If possible respond quick becouse
i want to get on the :mchappy:.
Thanks alot , e saludos amigos.

anaconda moto 19 Apr 2010 01:57

Hello ,still no responed?
Please help,!!!!i looked on internet but could not find it!
There must be a person that can find it!!!

mario agius 19 Apr 2010 11:53

hi mate i too have the little honda great bike ,they get ridden pretty hard down these parts well the manual says 1.5 litres of mineral oil but for some reason i usally put in 1.6 litres ,the manual also quotes change oil every 3000km but thats using mineral oil we usally change it every 2000kms but as i said we do give them a very hard time. if you use semi sythic sure you could do more miles .:mchappy:

anaconda moto 19 Apr 2010 13:39

Thanks amigo for your reply,now going to change the oil!!

yes they are exelent bikes(tornados), i like the 6 gears it has.
Some people say HONDA brasil is less quality then honda japon,
But with 30.000km it is as good as when i bought it, these bikes
are perfect honda quality.
Anyone traveling to Latin America should look at this bike as a option
to travel on!!Light ,fun,fast, good looking, parts everywhere....
O.k. ....now i am really gonne change the oil......
entonces...hasta luego amigo!!

ArcticRider 9 Jun 2010 13:56

Honda Tornado Oil Capacity
1.5-1.6 liters without changing the oil filter.
1.8-1.9 liters with filter change.

They seem to run better on Castrol than the Motul 5100.
The Motul seems to foam up on long rides and suffers thermal breakdown about 500 kms sooner.
Paper filter elements should be replaced every other oil change.
With the Castrol semi-synthetic, you can safely operate 2500-3000 km intervals.

I agree with you, they really are great bikes!
I have about 35,000 kms on mine and never an issue.

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