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still.southern 10 Dec 2012 10:41

NX650/XR650 CDI Woes
So based on the reading I've been doing I've got the classic CDI failure (1994 NX650). Most likely its just the bad solder joints, but since I live and ride in a rather remote area I don't want to rely on my own repair job (since it's not fixable with bailing wire and duct tape!). I've been looking for a replacement CDI, I'm also in the process of rejetting and making other functionality improvements so I wouldn't mind an improvement. I've come across these units, link here, but haven't heard much about them. Can someone give feedback? Otherwise I figure I'll just get this ebay special. In addition I'll try and repair mine and use it as a spare. Feedback?

Huan 13 Dec 2012 21:13

My 88 NX650 CDI packed up as well, I bought mine from a Czech crowd called ignitech.cz
It has a 2 year warranty and works exactly like the original, you can specify whatever rev limit you want and there are programmable ones available if you feel like it.
Mine is the Sparker DC-CDI.
It made the bike a lot easier to start and it seemed to run better as well.

still.southern 14 Dec 2012 02:21

Someone over at ADVRider pointed me there way as well. I think I'll get the programmable so that I can create a second retarded curve as a "get home on bad gas" option. Seems some of the soviet cars here run on something in the mid to high 70s octane range. Having a retarded spark curve option could help get home in a pinch.

Huan 14 Dec 2012 22:10

You think you need a programmable one?
These bikes are only 9:1 and should run fine even on that low grade petrol.
You'd be better off carrying some Xylene in a bottle to stick in the tank if you ever needed to raise the octane.
I subscribe to the KISS principle personally.

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