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dbehrends 21 Mar 2007 14:19

My '87 XR200 Suspension
I just bought this little sucker for the wife. The rear suspension darn near bottoms out when I push on it, can it be recharged? And if so, with what?
How do you increase the stiffness of the front shocks as well? I have three XR bikes now, but I am no bike mechanic, I have jet skis to play on when it is warm, I am trying to learn how to work on these myself, hopefully you can help.
Thanks, Dale

Bill Ryder 21 Mar 2007 15:02

wimpy shocks
Find somebody local that works on honda shocks. Some of the hondas didn't list rebuild parts but resourcefull techs can find a same sized seal and rebuild the shock with new oil and 142# of nitrogen. If your shock is really trashed you probably need a new shock..........big bucks. The front shocks you can shim the spring with a one inch lenghth of tubing under the top cap on each side of the forks. Buy a shop manual for the bike to understand how things work.

kbikey 22 Mar 2007 05:00

xr 200
Progressive Suspension makes replacment springs for the xr 200 forks. They should be heavier than stock.
I need to get a set for my sons bike as he's now 160lbs. and needs more spring. I made some 2 inch spacers to prelod the forks and that helped a little but not enough. The springs run about $80.00.

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